The GPS Evolution Continues...
The Surveillance Professional's Choice!
QuicKTraK Pro GPS! Now With Up To 6 Month Battery Life!

Now With Amazing Five Second Location Updates!
Leaves The Other Trackers In The Dust ! Find Out Why!

QuickTrak Pro GPS 2012
The New Evolution GPS Micro Unit That Does It All!
Now With AGPS Which Gives You Amazing 5 Second Updates!
Real Time GPS Tracker And Data Logger!
Emergency Audio Communication Just Like A Cell Phone!
Now With Up To 6 Month Extended Life Battery Pack!
Forget The Rest And Get The Best!

An exclusive from Utrack! The new generation QuickTrak Pro 2012 micro GPS tracker leaves all the other GPS trackers in the dust because it gives you the best all-in-one features of all the other units on the market! It's a tiny real time GPS tracking unit you can use for surveillance vehicle tracking now with amazing updates every 5 seconds through new AGPS technology . The QuickTrak Pro 2012 is motion activated which will save the battery life of the unit. The unit also has one button SMS and phone call features that lets you program up to 3 preset phone numbers.

Innovation At It's Best!
You Get The Best Of Both Worlds! Data Logger And Real Time World Class Tracker!

It doesn't matter what another company might tell you, ALL real time GPS trackers depend on cell phone communication to send location reports. With that said, you should already know there are areas where there are weak signals, busy signals and dropped calls. On many other lower grade trackers, you simply lose your tracking and location reports. The QuickTraK Pro is unique in that it acts as a data logger, stores your location data when there is a signal problem and sends that data to you as soon as the signal can be sent. You obtain your location data every time. Never again will you lose your information!

Massive New Generation Features
• Real Time GPS Power Tracker: Track Any Vehicle In Real Time
• Amazing Updates Every 5 Seconds!
• Can store data in no or busy cell phone coverage areas and then send data on demand.
• Motion Alert: Set Unit To Alert You Upon Any Detected Motion
• Audio Alert: Use Unit for Workers Or The Elderly for Two Way Audio Communication
• Panic Button Function: SMS & Phone Calls To 3 Preset Telephone Numbers!
• SMS And GPRS Enabled!
• GPRS support enables up to 30 second tracking interval
• Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Support enabling world wide deployment
• Firmware upgradeable
Aside from one of the best car trackers, can be used as a pager type tracker.
• Tiny Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box
• Optional Extended Life 90 Day Battery Back In Magnetic Mount Box
Now In Use By Thousands Of Professional Investigators And Law Enforcement Agencies!

Hardware Features
• The GPS and GSM modules are integrated inside the tracking unit case.
• GPRS support GSM for downloading logged data
• Up to 14400 individual locations can be saved
• Built in motion switch (the unit can be mounted in any position for activation).
• On/ Off switch
• Button (Panic)
• Microphone
• Battery Li-Ion 3.7 Volt (small version)
• Mini USB port - Serial (1200 to 38400 baud Rate) for external communication
• Firmware upgrade, GPS data output and battery charge.
• 4 LED indicators

• Send Panic message from unit and location then listen in remotely.

• Multi-Functional Micro Sized QuickTrack Pro Tiny GPS Tracker
• Quick Mount Tiny Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box
• USB Cables For Connection To Your Computer
• Cigarette Lighter Battery Charger Cable
• Standard Battery Charger Cable
• Earphone Set For Audio Communications
• CD Software For Your Computer

QuickTrack Pro: A Mere 3 1/8 Inches X 2 Inches X 1 inch thick
Slap-N-Track Box: A Mere 6 1/2 x 4 x 2 1/2

Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box!

The tiny Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box which is waterproof and weatherproof. It provides an instant install method for the QuickTraK Pro with it's magnetic mount on vehicles. The tiny Slap-N-Track Box measures a mere 6 1/2 x 4 x 2 1/2.

Long Track Battery Pack
The long track Slap-N-Track extended life battery pack gives you up to 6 months of battery life for extended surveillance tracking.

Emergency Audio Communication Just Like A Cell Phone!
Aside from the fact that you will find QuickTrak Pro has the features you need for vehicle tracking like no other product in the market place, it can also be used as an emergency two way communication devise through the cell phone network. Not only can you track the unit, you can also call the unit and send and receive voice talk. The unit itself lets you program up to three preset phone numbers that can be called with one button operation. The unit is designed is a way that it can easily be attached to a belt or worn around the neck. This makes an ideal security device for children and the elderly. Not only can instant cell phone communications be obtained from either end (the caller or receiver), you can also GPS locate in just a few seconds.

World Class Back End Tracking Performance!
Superior Real Time And Data Logging Mapping Features!

The world class back end tracking gives you advanced features and plotting that will exceed your expectations! The mapping with your online account is highly advanced and gives you both street map tracking and satellite photo imaging! Aside from the multi-functional advanced hardware features with the new generation QuickTrak Pro GPS unit, the back end online features are also highly advanced and gives you more features than any other GPS unit in the market place! Advanced mapping and satellite imaging in real time is just the start of the features you can use! Take a look at the below screen captures with all the amazing advanced features.

You will get the reports you want as well as both mapping and satellite photo imaging! Simply click on the slider and zoom in on maps and photos for your breadcrumb trail and/or click to obtain a written report with address, speed, date and time! On any written location report, simply click on the link and you can obtain either a street map or satellite photo of that location.

Since you can track down to every 5 seconds in real time, you obtain massive tight tracking breadcrumb plots when you need them! You can click on any crumb drop on the map to get instant location and you can quickly switch back and forth from street map view to satellite photo view all in real time!

If you want the most advanced GPS tracking unit on the market, QuickTrack Pro 2012 is your GPS tracking solution! Get your QuickTrack Pro GPS unit today at a reduced limited time introductory price and be the first in your area to use this advanced technology! You will leave the operators who use lesser grade products in the dust!

You Have It Your Way With The Options You Want And Only Pay For Hardware Functions You Will Really Use! Pictured Above From Left To Right:

1) The MultiFunctional Quick Track Pro 2012 Unit. Powerful state of the art GPS unit that now has 5 second updates and a emergency communicator.

2) The Quick Track Pro 2012 in it's tiny Slap-N-Track weatherproof, waterproof magnetic mount box. Enclose it in this unique box, close the led and in three seconds it can be magnetic mounted on any vehicle for instant surveillance tracking. You will never lose a location report again because the unit will store location reports in case of poor cell phone reception.

3) Tracking location on an iPhone. Aside from computer tracking, you can use your web enabled cell phone to instantly track while on the go!

4) Finally the Stealth Quick Track Pro 2012 in it's 90 day battery pack with Slap-n-Track Magnetic Mount Box.

Warning: Don't Be Fooled By Bait-N-Swtich Look-A-Like Boxes
The Qucktrak Pro has now been out many years and has been through many upgrades and improvements. It has become known as the choice of the professional! Now in use by thousands of professional investigative, security and law enforcement clients. The QuickTrak Pro has been so popular in the professional grade market place, like just about everything else in life; it has been knocked off with cheap look-a-like boxes with funky back ends that are just not suitable for professional grade and law enforcement grade use. Make sure you do not become another subject of the bait and switch game with inferior tracking and back end performance. Start out on the right track the first time or step up to professional grade tracking gear by obtaining the original QuickTrack Pro and leave the cheaper-sqeekers and Want-A-Bes to their Toys-R-Us grade equipment and leave them in the dust when it comes to quality and performance. With it's advanced features, world class back end and extended 90 day battery pack, you just can not go wrong with the highly advanced new generation QuickTrack Pro! Try it now and find out why it continues to exceed client expectations! Step up to the Professional grade QuickTraK Pro and never lose another location report again. We know you will be happy you did!

New Generation QuickTrak Pro GPS 2012!

MSRP: $795.00 Your Cost Only $485.00

New Generation QuickTrak Pro GPS With Magnetic Mount Perfect Fit
Slap-N-Track Waterproof, Weatherproof Box.

MSRP: $895.00 Your Cost Only $535.00

New Generation QuickTrak Pro GPS With 90 Day Extended Life Battery Pack
Built Into A Slap-N-Track Waterproof, Weatherproof, Magnetic Mount Box

MSRP: $1195.00 Your Cost Only $645.00

New Generation QuickTrak Pro GPS With 6 Month Extended Life Battery Pack
Built Into A Slap-N-Track Waterproof, Weatherproof, Magnetic Mount Box

MSRP: $1195.00 Your Cost Only $795.00


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