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New Generation RYL- HD Pen Professional Grade Covert Video Camera And Audio Recorder
Four Function Power - State Of The Art Tool:
1) In Your Pocket Mode - Great For Walk Around Covert Video Applications
2) With Motion Detection Mode - Great For Quick Stationary Covert Video Applications
3) Non-Video/Audio Mode- Great As A High Quality Audio Recorder
4) Stylish And Fine Working Writing Instrument!

When it comes to top grade professional quality in a covert video pen camera, the new generation RYL-HD PenCam fills the bill! This new generation covert video self contained recording system hands you full HD 720p resolution. It has built in motion detection so you can use it not only as a walk around covert video camera, but a quick set-up stationary covert video operation. The RYL-HD PenCam can also be set as a high grade professional audio recorder so you actually obtain three investigative professional grade tools in one small unit. You can use it as a) A Walk Around Covert Video HD Recorder B) A Stationary Covert Video Recorder For Quick Covert Video Operations C) A High grade audio recorder. The evidence you collect is store on a micro SD card that can be removed. There is no need to worry about running out of memory storage since you can do a quick-swap of the Micro SD card to continue your operation. The RYL-HD PenCam also functions as a high end executive pen. Why carry around bulky DVRs, cameras and audio recorders when you can have it all in this professional Pen!

Make your next walk around covert video surveillance by ordering yours today and be the first to use this new technology. You'll be leaving others in the dust using this new technology! We know you will by happy you did!

New Generation RYL- HD Pen Covert Video Camera And Audio Recorder $248.00

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