Will Work Inside A Building And Has Highly Advanced
Multi-Functional Features Like Nothing Else On The Market!


• Use As A Vehicle Tracker • Use As A Kid Tracker • Use As An Assets Tracker
• GPS Power- Obtain Signals Inside Buildings! • Track By Internet And/Or Cell Phone!
• Use As An Emergency Cell Phone! • Set Up A Virtual Fence • Use As a Pet Tracker!
• Battery Powered Or Hardwire Kit (Included) For Vehicles!

We call it Ace simply because when it comes to micro small real time GPS Trackers, it's the Ace! We have reviewed and offered a lot of small micro GPS car trackers but nothing like this! This state-of-the-art unit is smaller than most cell phones and can be used in a number of different ways. It's not only a TRI-BAND modem worldwide real time tracking system, but also an emergency communicator. Ace SecureTrack gives you capabilities and control that no other unit offers. The web based, password protected “control panel” puts you in total command of your tracker. You can quickly obtain current location including map and full street address, set up geofencing alarms, turn on and off the auto-track feature, obtain historical data and adjust the report rate. If you are away from your computer and you need a quick find, just call from your cell phone, and in moments you will receive a text message with the full address of the current tracker location. Emergency SOS button sends location and message to preset numbers or emails. Ace also allows actual emergency voice calls to 2 preset phone numbers that you program!

Through advanced engineering and design, the Ace SecureTraK revolutionizes the personal tracking industry, allowing consumers worldwide to know the precise location of the device with a few Internet keystrokes or simply by placing a phone call. In addition to the tracking capability, the device also functions as a cellular phone. The Ace SecureTraK easily fits into a child’s pocket or backpack. Parents can know if their children are safe and where they are supposed to be. An SOS button allows a child to alert their parents in the event of an emergency. If a child is lost or abducted, parents can quickly and easily locate their child. Families with aging relatives can be free from worry that their loved-ones can reach them on a moment’s notice and transmit their exact location if they need assistance. Pet owners can rest assured that their beloved pets can be located in the event they wander off. Companies can track valuable assets, such as inventory, laptop computers, etc. and know its precise location or receive an alert if it has been moved from a particular location. Additional applications include fleet management tracking, personal security for independent workers, safety locator devices for police officers and fire/rescue personnel, ransom tracking, and so much more. There are a number of micro trackers on the market today but there is nothing like Ace!

Super Features Of Ace SecureTrack GPS:

• Tiny! Smaller Than Most Cell Phones! 3.5 inches X 1.8 Inches
• True Real Time GPS Tracking
• Will Work When Unit Is Inside Building Or Parking Lot
• Online Mapping Through the Internet
• Web Based Password Protected Account
• Geofencing Ability
• Emergency Programmable Automatic SOS Messages
• Emergency Audio Messaging
• Quick Locate Through Your Cell Phone
• Up To One Month Battery Life With Optional Battery Pack
• Magnetic Mount

MultiFunctional GPS Tracking Overview:

• Use As A Car Tracker
• Small Enough To Hide In Anything for GPS Tracking
• Use As An Emergency SOS Message Sender At The Press Of A Button
• Use As An Arm Band Child Tracker And Locator


Ace SecureTrak GPS/Cell Phone Battery Powered Unit
Hardwire Kit For Running Unit From Vehicle
Wall Charger
Cigarette Lighter Charger
Hands Free Earpiece
User Manual
Optional Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box

• Optional Long Life Mag Box With Extended Life Battery Pack (Up To One Month!)

The standard Ace Secure Track Operates 22 hours on a single charge. You can also obtain an optional longer life battery pack that will give you up to one month of battery power. The Ace Secure Track GPS Includes charger, arm band, hands free adaptor, and cigarette lighter adaptor. Tracking packages start as low as $19.95 per month!

Your Online Control Panel And Mapping Location
Samples Showing How You Can Zoom In And Zoom Out!

A Small GPS Phone That Does It All!

• Superior Surveillance GPS Tracking
With the quick Slap-N-Track magnetic mount box, you can quickly install the unit on a vehicle and track it either through your internet account or by cell phone messaging. Even on a typical surveillance when you are following someone physically, you can use the unit as a back up. By that we mean if you lose them, simply call the unit with your cell phone and can easily and quickly have the vehicle location. The unit also includes a hardwire kit so you can hardwire the unit on a vehicle and use the vehicle battery power so you will not have to worry about limited battery life of the unit.

• Superior Locating Of Loved Ones

Did your daughter come directly home after school? Know where your loved one is through the web site or a simple phone call. View the location on the online map or receive a message back to your cell phone or email with the location’s address.

• Superior Locating Of Valuable Property
Visiting client after client and you can’t find your laptop? With a Gentle in your briefcase, simply place a call to your device and quickly receive a message back telling you the location of your laptop.

•Auto track
Wondering how your son is making his way across the country on a road trip? By setting up the Auto track feature through the control panel, you decide how often you get updates on his whereabouts. Every hour on the hour? No problem. Once every two hours…done.

• Instant Surveillance Track
With the unique Slap-N-Track instant magnetic mount box, you can quickly conduct an instant surveillance of any vehicle and track it's path and location. There is even an extended battery life box that lasts you up to one month of tracking without battery recharge.

•Geofence/Safety Zone
Want to make sure your subject or child stays within a zone you set up? With the Geofence activated, you are automatically alerted if your subject or child leaves an area you set up.

Great for children, aging relatives and workers in the field. Anyone carrying a SecureTrak can send an SOS alert with a simple push of a button.

•Emergency Remote Monitoring
In an emergency situation, activate this feature and you will hear voices and sounds happening around your SecureTraK.

• Control Voice Calling
Stop worrying about who your child or employee may be calling and running up high cell phone bills. Your SecureTrak can only place outbound calls to 2 numbers you define.

• GPS Power That Tracks Inside Building!
Unlike other GPS products on the market, this new generation unit is powerful enough to receive and send signals inside buildings!


Major Button Functions

Front Diagram Buttons

Signal Light Functions
• Signal light stays solid blue up to one and a half minutes for the initial startup:
• Device is in start up mode and looking for a GPS signal
• Signal light blinks green slowly 4 times:
• Device is registering with the GSM (cellular) network
• Signal light flashes green only:
• Device has cellular GSM coverage, but no GPS position
• Signal light alternately flashes green and red:
• Device currently has GSM and GPS coverage; standby mode, ready to use
• Signal light alternately flashes green and blue:
• Device has cellular GSM coverage, has no current GPS coverage, but does have a position stored in memory; standby mode, ready to use
• Off:
• Device is communicating or completing a command or action

SOS Button
• SOS Button Reports to the control center by sending a text message when pressed, signaling an emergency


• Speaker for voice calls when not using earphones

Charging Light
• Light stays on when charging is in process and turns off when charging is complete

Answer Button
• Press to answer an incoming call

Geofence Button
• Activates and deactivates the Geofence feature

Hang-up Button
• Press to end a call

GSM (cellular) & GPS Antenna
• External component for receiving GSM (cellular) and GPS signals

Speed Dial 3
• Press to dial Gemini Customer Service

Speed Dial 2
• Press to dial the second designated phone number

Speed Dial 1
• Press to dial the first designated phone number

Right View

• To adjust the volume during phone calls. In standby mode, if pressed for more than 2 seconds, the device will beep and show the GPS and GSM (cellular) reception on the LED

Left View


• To speak into for voice

Charger Jack
• For charging the battery of the main device

Earphone Jack
• For hands free function

Music Ring Output
• Music ring for incoming call


Since Ace SecureTrack GPS works in a number of different ways, you obtain the best of all worlds. Use as a covert car tracker. Set up as a location tracking unit for just about anything. Use as an emergency locator and emergency communicator (cell phone!). Use the unique geofencing features which lets you place a fence around the unit and then notify you if the unit goes outside the fencing area. It's small enough to be used with it's included arm band to track kids any time you want. Ace is the smallest tracker of it's kind in the market place and you will find it's multifunctional and advanced features very attractive. Unlike many other trackers on the market, it tracks both inside a building and outside! That means that (unlike other GPS products in the market place) when you use it as a personal body tracker, you will obtain locations inside a building. Unlike other GPS tracking products, this means that when you use the unit as a car tracker and the vehicle goes inside a parking garage, you will obtain signals. With it's convenient Slap-N-Track magnetic mount box, you can quickly and easily install in on any vehicle in a matter of seconds. For long duration tracking, you can also use the included hardwire kit to hardwire it to any vehicle so the unit will run forever off the battery power of the vehicle.


With Magnetic Mount Box (Pictured Above)

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