Computer SnoopTeK Stick
A/K/A Snoop-It Stick

Let's you both monitor and control a computer from anywhere in the world.

Monitor And Control What's Going On With Your Computer, Your Children's Computer Or Your Employee's Computer From Anywhere In The World Live And In Real Time And Block Whatever You Want!

Monitoring your computer is as simple as...
1) Simply insert a Snoop-It Stick device into a USB port on the computer you want to monitor.

2) Run the 60 second setup program. This installs the secret monitoring systems on the target computer.

3) Remove the Snoop-It Stick and take it with you. You can now use your Snoop-It Stick device to monitor and control that computer from any other computer, anytime you like.

Take your Snoop-It Stick with you anywhere you go. It is no bigger than your thumb in less than one quarter of an inch thick. You can carry it in your pocket, purse, or on your keychain.

Any time you want to see what web sites your kids or employees are visiting, who they are chatting with, and what they are chatting about, simply plug in your Snoop-It Stick to any Windows based computer with an Internet connection and a USB port. Snoop-It Stick will automatically connect to the target computer

Monitor both sides of IM conversations in real time or tell Snoop-It Stick to display recent activity. Check the sender and recipient of every email sent or received. View the websites your kids or employees have been visiting. Call up a screen capture any time to see exactly what they were (or are) looking at. You can even log the user off, disable internet access, set time restrictions or even turn the computer off. All using your Snoop-It Stick from any computer.

Snoop-It Stick even comes with a built-in dictionary of frequently used instant message abbreviations and translates them into plain English so that you can see what is really being said!

EASY TO USE! There are no commands to remember, no passwords to remember, just plug it in.

Benefits And Features

• View and save an instant screen snapshot of the computer being monitored, any time.
• Monitor all web site access.
• Works with all browsers and web enabled programs.
• Monitor both sides of all "instant messenger" communications.
• Automatically translates frequently used Instant Messenger abbreviations.
• Works with all popular IM programs.
• Monitor all email access (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) to see who and when emails were
received from and sent to.
• Monitor activities in real time, or retrieve activity logs from recent activity.
• Snoop-It Stick records everything, whether you are monitoring in real time or not.
• Store up to 12 months of activity logs directly on your Snoop-It Stick
• All program modules are updated completely  automatically so you always have the
latest version.
• Send the user a pop up message alert. A good way to tell them they're busted!
• Turn off/on Internet access with the Snoop-It Stick locally or remotely.
• Set allowable times for Internet access.
• Prevent users from using certain types of Internet programs.
• Block access to specified ports.
• Block access to web sites.
• One click "Block Social Networking" option instantly blocks access to sites
• Completely secure. Only your Snoop-It Stick can access your computer or change the settings you have chosen.
• Works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and is Vista ready.

Once you obtain the Snoop-It Stick, you pay a low yearly charge of $14.95 and can then monitor
a computer from anywhere in the world! Snoop It Stick is NOT just a simple screen capturing or email alert product like everything else out there. It is the ONLY product that lets you see what is going on NOW, live and in real time and even take a picture of it!

Snoop-It Stick FAQ

• So what does Snoop-It Stick do? Does it send me email or something?

If you have shopped around for any kind of remote monitoring program, you have probably heard claims of "real time monitoring" or other things that lead you to believe that you can see what is happening on the target computer as it happens. In reality, what happens is that most of these programs will send you an email when some sort of activity occurs, or at predetermined intervals.

Snoop-It Stick is different. It is the only product that really lets you view activity in real time, as it happens, and completely securely. If you see your kids having an inappropriate conversation with someone or visiting prohibited web sites, you will know immediately and you can log them off, turn off Internet access, or even turn the computer off. All from any computer with a USB port anywhere, completely remotely. There are no passwords or login names to remember, no web sites to remember, just plug it in.

• Is Snoop-It Stick legal?
Yes, as long as the computer you want to monitor is owned by you, or you have permission from the owner. We do not recommend that you install Snoop-It Stick without permission on a computer you do not own, as you may violate state or local law by monitoring the activities of someone using property that does not belong to you. Use of monitoring systems in the workplace may also require some sort of employee notification and we would strongly recommend that you check your governing employment laws.

• Will Snoop-It Stick let me see what my kids are chatting about on their instant messenger?
Absolutely! Snoop-It Stick works with all major instant messenger programs and lets you see both sides of the conversation, live, in real time as it happens. You can see exactly what they say and exactly what others say to them, including their screen names.

•Will Snoop-It Stick let me monitor my employees?
Sure, and it is easy to do. Just install the Snoop-It Stick monitor on your office computers, and you can check each employee from another computer any time you want. All you need is your Snoop-It Stick and you can "take a peek" at any of your employees computers throughout the work day or after hours. Snoop-It Stick will let you watch in real time, or display recent activity so you can see what was going on while you were not watching. Do you wonder if your employees are searching for jobs, making vacation plans, or chatting with friends when you are not watching? Snoop-It Stick is the perfect tool to find out.

• Will Snoop-It Stick let me read other peoples email?
Snoop-It Stick will record certain details about email that is sent or received on the computer such as the senders and recipients email addresses, and date and time. It will not record the actual contents of the message. There is an important reason why we don't do this. We cannot control who purchases Snoop-It Stick and as such, we have a responsibility to publish software that will be useful to the customer, while not being dangerous to an unsuspecting user. Private details about medical, financial, and personal issues may be contained in email and unauthorized viewing could be extremely damaging to the user. While we understand that parents might want to monitor their children's emails, Snoop-It Stick could just as easily be used to monitor email to innocent adults.

• Will Snoop-It Stick work with my firewall?
Yes, Snoop-It Stick is "firewall smart". You should never need to change any settings  or experience any firewall issues whatsoever.

• Can Snoop-It Stick be used to see if someone uses my computer when I am not there?
Sure, that is one of the cool uses for Snoop-It Stick. Let's say you have a computer at work and you want to see if anyone uses it while you're away from the office. You install the Snoop-It Stick monitor on your computer, and take the Snoop-It Stick with you. Any time you like you can plug your Snoop-It Stick into another computer somewhere and check to see if anyone is or has been using your computer and what they did.

• Can the user bypass Snoop-It Stick?
No, the Snoop-It Stick monitor software can only be removed or bypassed if the actual Snoop-It Stick is plugged into the computer.

•Can someone using a different Snoop-It Stick access my computer?
No, whenever you install Snoop-It Stick on a computer you want to monitor, it is paired to your Snoop-It Stick automatically. This cannot be changed unless you uninstall the Snoop-It Stick monitor from the target computer, and you need the original Snoop-It Stick to do that.

• Is Snoop-It Stick secure?
Completely! All information sent between a computer being monitored and the computer running the Snoop-It Stick is encrypted with an industry standard encryption method. No information of any kind is stored on the computer you are using to monitor another computer, and all data is stored directly on the Snoop-It Stick. Snoop-It Stick does not provide remote access to any files or personal information stored on either computer. It only monitors certain activity and reports it.

• How much data will Snoop-It Stick hold?
The Snoop-It Stick as it ships will hold about 2 months of data from a single computer (about 55 megabytes). Snoop-It Stick will automatically clean out old data when necessary so maintenance is unnecessary. If you have a need to store more data on your Snoop-It Stick, please contact our support department for assistance. Snoop-It Stick is also now available on name brand, 512mb and 1gb USB flash drives.

• What if I lose my Snoop-It Stick?
If you lose your Snoop-It Stick, contact our tech support department and they will be able to assist you in getting a properly coded replacement.

• Can I make a backup of my Snoop-It Stick?
Yes. You can actually create a backup device using your own USB memory stick if you like. You can contact our support department for information on doing this.

• Can I use Snoop-It Stick on more than one computer?
Yes, the standard version of Snoop-It Stick can be used on up to 3 computers. It can be used to monitor any number of computers, however additional licenses must be purchased for each computer over 4.These are available for $10.95 for each additional computer.

• Will Snoop-It Stick track key presses?
No, Snoop-It Stick is not a key logger. It will not let you find out users passwords or account numbers. We firmly believe that there are things that are inappropriate to monitor and record. As with email, we do not monitor or record things that could compromise a users expectation of security when engaging in financial transactions, typing letters, etc.

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