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Manages Your Investigative Agency And Cases!
Printed And Computerized Investigative Forms You Can Use Again And Again!

Cell Phone PhoneFile SIM File Retriever
Recovers deleted text messages and dialed phone numbers from cell phones

The best 'forensic' package for recovering deleted messages stored on a SIM card With 10 years' market expertise in SIM reading technology, there is no better product for recovering deleted SMS messages from a SIM. Period. This package comes with everything you need to view, edit and store your mobile phone SIM phonebook on your PC, as well as the unique feature of the Special Edition that can retrieve deleted text messages.

Cellphone Sim (Subscriber Identity Module) Recovery Pro
Lets You Recover Information from A Cell Phone! Even Deleted Information!

You can now recover data and text messages from cellular phones using the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Recovery Pro. Using this device allows you to save, edit and delete your phone book and short messages. Aside from recovery and retrieve, even of deleted data, an added advantage is to back the information up on your computer. If you change providers or cellular phones this unit allows you to transfer the information to the new SIM card. Great for use on children’s cell phones by restricting dialed out numbers.


For Investigators And Law Enforcement

The Most Powerful Computer Monitoring Tool Invented!
Discounted Pricing!
MSRP: $249.00 Your Cost Only $199.00
KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers can be used to collect data as evidence against the multitude of cyber crimes taking place today.   The new KEYKatcher Magnum is designed to provide computer forensic features such as large capacity storage (4Mb), time & date stamping, time of use reporting, strong encryption, and a stealthy, plug & record form.
Just Plug It In! No software installation required!

Can Not be Detected By Software! Updated For 2007!

2 MB USB Key Logger
For ALL USB Computers Including Windows, Linux and Mac!

Key loggers are small, discrete, easy-to-use devices that monitor all PC keyboard activity and install in a matter of seconds between the keyboard and PC. They capture everything that is typed into any keyboard however this device will plug into any standard 1.1/ 2.0 ports and capture everything including email, instant messaging, chat room activity and web URLs.

KEYPhantom 256K And 1.5MB USB Keylogger

KEYPhantom USB Corporate Special Edition: The ideal key logger for all your internet monitoring needs. This stealthy USB keylogger works on USB keyboards for PC and MAC computers.

Professional Business Forms And Contracts for Electronic
Countermeasures, TSCM Companies

This set of professional business forms is specifically designed for individuals and companies doing technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), electronic countermeasures work. This set of forms includes virtually everything necessary to make a professional, complete countermeasures survey (sweep) from the initial client contact, company information, quote instructions and forms, confidentially agreement, final survey (sweep) completion summary forms and more. These are all the forms you should need to operate your countermeasures company with a professional presentation and professional paperwork.

Snoop-It Stick

Let's you both monitor and control a computer from anywhere in the world.

Monitor And Control What's Going On With Your Computer, Your Children's Computer Or Your Employee's Computer From Anywhere In The World Live And In Real Time And Block Whatever You Want!

Email TracBack Pro!
Automatically Tracks Back Emails From Where They Came From Like A Pro!

Email TracBack Pro is a new software program that lets you track back emails from where they came from and alerts you to people who are attempting to cover their tracks. You simply cut and past the email header into a window on the software program and hit track back. Within a few minutes a detailed report comes back tracking back the email for you. Completely automated, Email TracBack Pro will automatically figure out and trace any and all emails for you and give you a detailed report of the findings.

Spytech Realtime-Spy
Monitor Any PC from Anywhere!
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Realtime-Spy is the latest in high-tech surveillance software that allows you to REMOTELY INSTALL the monitoring system and access the activity logs from ANYWHERE via you own personal Realtime-Spy Webspace!

Take A Look At The Features Of Real Time Spy Below

Logs Keystrokes typed
 Logs Website Visits
 Logs Applications and Windows Ran
 Logs Internet Connections Made
 Logs Files and Documents Viewed
 Logs Chat Conversations
 Logs Screenshots
 Logs Email Activities
 Monitor your PC from Anywhere
 Secure online log storage
 View logs from any location
 Check logs at any time
 Remote log archiving
 Disables Spyware Detectors
 Runs in Total Stealth
 Remotely Installable!

The Number One Counter Surveillance Scanner
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Spy Cop! The Number One Selling And Most Advanced Software Spy Detection And Removal Tool In The World. Detects And Removes Almost All Covert Surveillance Key Logging Programs Including Eblaster And Spectorsoft

Invisible Secrets 4

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
The One Savvy Software Tool For All Your Computer Countermeasures And Privacy Needs! Amazing Diplomatic Level Secure Communications And Tools!

, Cryptography, Password Manager, Destroy Files, Internet Trace Destructor, Cryptboard, EMail Encryption , IP-to-IP Password Transfer , Application Locker!

Instant Download After Purchase.
Only $39.95

High Tech RFID Tag Alarm System
Electronic Security Protection For Your Laptop, Cell Phone, MP4 Player PDA Or Anything!

Never Forget or Lose Your Stuff Again!

Take advantage of new RDFID technology in a unique high tech alarm and security system. . RFID alerts you when the tagged item moves beyond your comfort zone - effectively preventing loss, theft, or just forgetting an item. Attach the tag to any of your belongings. Turn on the MONITOR. Set the range - Short or Long. Monitor will track your tags and will alarm you when they are outside the set range.
Windows Inspector Only $15.95
Computer Inspector is a software will assist you to analyze and warn third party software installed on your computer. Windows Inspector analyzes all the areas which could be used by malicious software. Computer Inspector shows you the running process on the computer with full details and also highlights any suspicious process. Computer Inspector has a database of malicious, system and common applications which it uses to filter out the process.

Sound Recorder
And Audio Forensics Sound Editing Software

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

This software package lets you audio record just about anything from any source into your computer and then lets you use audio forensics to edit any sound you recorded either from the software itself or another source such as a digital tape recorder. It's a very good basic audio forensics lab in a box! Best of all, it's only $29.95

• • Hide Folders® XP Only $29.95

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download! Select unlimited number of folders and files of your choice to hide and protect by a password. In one mouse click your selected folders became invisible: it is impossible to find hidden folders, access any file in them and remove them (even when removing upper-level folders). You may leave your computer unattended without worrying if someone will access your private data. Then just run the program and enter your password - your hidden folders will become visible

New! Secret Messenger
Place Confidential Messages In Images Only $29.95

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Secret Messenger is used to hide text message into images. The images with hidden messages can still be viewed with any conventional image viewer software. They look just like normal images, no loss of quality, no observably change on size. Nobody knows there are messages hidden with images. You can securely send the images to anyone over the Internet. The receiver can then use Secret.
IE Protector And Tracks Eraser
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
IE Protector And Tracks Eraser aims to repair Internet Explorer browser by restoring default settings,and prevent Web sites from running malicious code or changing your browser settings behind your back.Features include options to repair IE default homepage settings,guard IE StartPage,IE title,IE search engine,remove IE context menu items,IE toolbar buttons (remove) and various Internet options.

Program Sleuth Only $9.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Is your computer running slower then it used to? This powerful program will show you what is really running on your computer. You will be able to stop any program that you cannot recognize. If a program is gobbling up your computers speed and you do not know what it is, Program Sleuth will look it up for you.

Program Sleuth has our exclusive Know-It technology so you need not have to worry about the technical details; it will show you in a clear way only the suspicious programs.

Program Sleuth gives you full control to eliminate problem programs running on your machine, without an annual subscription. You only need to buy it once!

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Download and print a professional contractor agreement in 5 minutes!
Highlights of our Contractor Agreement Template:
- Covers all important sections in detail (25 topics).
- Includes liability and confidentiality clauses.
- Includes clear scope of work and fees sections.
- Written by lawyers and HR experts.
- Completely customizable in any word processor.
- Free Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.
- All of this for only $9.95!

Number One PC Spy Software and Monitoring
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

The number one spy software that sets the bar for award-winning, powerful computer monitoring and surveillance needs. Spytech SpyAgent Logs all keystrokes, emails, applications, windows, websites, internet connections, passwords, chat conversations, and even screenshots. SpyAgent can run in total stealth, and defeat spyware detectors. Perfect for monitoring others who use your PC - children, spouses, employees, or guests!

Create Up To 8 Encrypted Virtual Disks On Your Hard Drive

SecretDrive is a small, efficient and reliable program that allows you to create up to 8 encrypted virtual disks. Virtual disk is protected by one of five modern encryption algorithms

Computer Countermeasures At It's Best!
SpyNoMore™, The Only Anti-Spyware You Will Ever Need! Only $29.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Computer hackers seeking financial gain rather than thrills or notoriety are increasingly flooding the Internet with malicious software code (spyware, adware, key loggers, trojans). They are infecting computers with highly sophisticated programs that record surfing habits, bank passwords and other key financial data and send them to crooks over the Internet. These programs can be hard to spot, disguised in downloads such as toolbars, search engines, browser accessories, screen savers and other seemingly helpful utilities. SpyNoMore anti-spyware safeguards your identity and restores system performance through fast, smart and powerful spyware protection.

Assignment Time Keeper
And Invoice Generator- Only $19.95

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Here is a very good Time Keeper to keep track of time spent on a assignment. It also figures out the cost and has a built in Invoice. Stores Customer Information. You can literally hit start, then when your done print an invoice. You also have a section for Timed Services. This will allow you to keep track of time on different services including their prices. You have the ability to add up more than one service. Includes a countdown timer, a Count Up Timer, Alarm, Break Alarms, Ergonomic Feature. You can view Project Reports, Daily Reports, Weekly or monthly Reports on the jobs that you have been working on, plus you can Manage your invoices, search by customer or job and see how much has been done for that customer or job. Tracks your invoices and lets you know when they are due. Times, Creates, Manages, Reports all aspects of your project even on a Network Download and Check out this new Version of Job Timer. You will find that it will be a great asset to your work day.

Web Dumper Only $20.00
A Web Site Sucker For Your Hard Drive

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
If you are viewing a Web site with your browser and you decide that you would like to make a copy of it on your hard drive, you have to manually save each page as you view it along with embedded pictures, sounds and so on. This can be a very long and tedious process, and in many cases it's more trouble than it's worth. It doesn't have to be that way, however, as Web Dumper makes this whole process very fast and easy.
Search Maker Pro™
Create a search engine for any web site. 

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Search Maker Pro will create a single html file that is a fully functional search engine for your website or CD/DVD. Simply place this file on your site to provide full search facilities for your visitors! $59.00

WebSnake Only $29.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
WebSnake is the world's most powerful off-line browser designed exclusively for Windows Platform. In addition to off-line browsing, WebSnake is unique in that it uses our proprietary "intelligent pull" technology to search and retrieve files from the World Wide Web. For example, WebSnake supports website mirroring (including directory structure), retrieval of e-mail addresses, site maps and advanced file search. Unlike most of our competitors, WebSnake also supports the industry-standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

eMail Extractor Only $20.00
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
eMail extractor is a very powerful and reliable tool to extract e-mail addresses from all kind of sources like your local files, online web pages, plain text drops and the clipboard. eMail extractor is very fast, easy to use and multithread. It retrieves absolutely all valid e-mail addresses and generates an output file with only good and well formatted e-mail addresses without duplicates.

Click and Keep Only $29.95
The ultimate E-mail backup software! Protect your e-mail before it's too late! Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

How long has it been since you backed up your e-mail? What would happen if you lost all of your e-mail? "Click and Keep" is the solution! With just a few clicks your backup is ready. You need only select the e-mail program you use, the data you want to protect, and Click and Keep does the rest! You can also select other options to protect your data, like burning the backup to a CD/DVD, writing it to another drive on the network, a memory card, a USB-stick or any storage medium you prefer. Naturally, your backups can be password protected for an added level of security.

The #1 Encryption, Decryption and File Shredder Application on the Market

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Are you being monitored? Are you concerned that your private files or emails are being intercepted and read by others? Protect your privacy by encrypting your important files and emails with Encryption Protection 3.0, the popular and very easy to use encryption / decryption software, from Maxion Software. Purchase and download it now!
Completely Gone Digital Computer File Shredder
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Files intended to be erased are MEANT to be erased without possibility of recovering as such files may contain sensitive and confidential data that may be misuse when fall into wrong hands. Since normal deletion only removes reference to the files but not the physical files themselves, such sensitive and confidential data is highly vulnerable to unauthorized users who have ill intention of misusing such data, like selling such data to competitors or using such data to blackmail the owners.
WinShredder - Erase Your Internet History
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Why do you need WinShredder? Because your Windows Recycle bin only deletes the file that you see ... not the actual data on your harddrive. Until the file location on your hard disk is overwritten many times, the files can be completely recovered using many available computer programs, or even simple computer commands. Deleted files are the first thing hackers, privacy thieves, and other computer experts look for when they are trying to recover sensitive information from your computer or discarded disks. Also, employers routinely search for 'deleted' files to discover information about employees.
WebCloner Professional $49.95
Sucks Any Web Site And Places It On Your Hard Drive!

Downloads one or thousands of sites onto your hard drive for later offline browsing. Results are stored directly packed, saving up to 80% of disk space compared to other download tools.Integrated in the IE interface-you can right-click on a page to instantly download all images or all links on it.Uses advanced wizard-based filters for domain, file name, location, size and format. Extracts email addresses as you go. Its exporting capabilities are among the most advanced available on the market today - it can export results into ebooks, folders, CHM (Windows Help file format) or ZIP files
Video Converter Platinum
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Avex Video Converter Platinum transcodes AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, Tivo, MPEG videos (and many more) in one simple click. Videos produced can be played on various devices including PC, iPod, PSP, Mobile Phone, Pocket PC, Palm, Zune, etc.
Easy Photo Editor Only $29.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Easy Photo Editor is an image-editing program that lets you view, edit, and enhance your photos. It supports major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, and multipage TIFF. It enables you to convert, resize, rotate, and stamp text or graphics to your photos in batch mode. It also can e-mail your edited photos via the Internet.

Amor Screen Capture $29.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Amor Screen Capture- is a tool for capturing any part of your screen. You can make professional screen shots and save them as bmp, png, pcx, tif, gif or jpg files. Amor Screen Capture can capture the entire screen, a window, program menus, scrolling windows, DirectX sources, DOS screens, digital camera images, and any on-screen activity. With this useful software, you can make screenshots, edit picture, print image and copy the snapshot of screen to clipboard. Amor Screen Capture is the must-have, all-in-one screen capture utility. Amor screen capture will help improve your message by visually communicating your thoughts and ideas. Amor Screen Capture's easy-to-use capture options will quickly increase your productivity by allowing you to spend more time creating and less time explaining!
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
Cloak is a powerful security package designed to protect and secure your personal information and documents from prying eyes. Cloak provides different levels of protection by allowing you to compress & encrypt documents, encrypt & hide documents within images, send e-mails that appear completely blank to the naked eye, and also shred & permanently delete files from your system.
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Download and print a professional confidentiality agreement for any occasion! Only $9.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Privacy Shredder can help you delete all traces of your Internet and computer activities permanently. It can easily and safely delete history, clean the cookies, cache, auto-complete forms and passwords, empty the temporary files and recycle bin, clear the clipboard. It can also erase the traces of popular application programs: MS Office, Media Player, Winzip and so on. Choose Privacy Shredder, protect your privacy day to day! Only $19.95
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Your History, favorite's folders and private information : passwords, credit card numbers, social security number etc. ; can expose a lot of your private information that you would like to protect. Also, Personal interests sites, banking information, stocks you monitor on line bidding, and auctions you are tracking, your surfing habits both on and off the web. this information can be available to any one who opens your favorite and history folders, be he/she a relative, coworker or some one passing by. Only $24.95
Amazing Program Let's You Do Positive ID Renderings

Computerized Lie Detection
Covertly Records All Activity On Your Computer!
Turns Your Computer Into A High Tech Video Monitoring Station You Can Access From Anywhere In The Word. Use Your Existing Cameras Or Obtain Specialized Cameras. Access Video From The Internet. Have System Contact You By Phone, Email, Cell Phone Or PDA When It Detects Motion!
PAL SPY Remover
The Spy Removing Software
Scans and Removes Adware/Spyware! As featured in PC Plus Magazine!Your computer could be infected with SpyWare /AdWare! SpyWare Remover will scan and remove any files that are infecting your PC with Adware/Spyware automatically!
SpyBlocker Blocks Ads and Prevents tracking capabilities from Adware and Web Sites!


Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Illusion is the the magic of hiding a securely encrypted file invisibly and secretly behind another unimportant file, be it a JPEG, spreadsheet, HTML, or MPEG! ALL IN Illusion!! Illusion provide you a key-protected algorithm to first automatically encrypt and then hide a securely encrypted file seamlessly and secretly behind another "innocent" looking file so that even if your file is intercepted, the file will appear to be, for example, an unimportant family photo, a joke presented in HTML form or presentation software format like PowerPoint, or even a normal screen saver executable file.

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Cleaning up your computer these days of it's footprints is a must!


Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Spytech SpamAgent is a powerful spam filtering and reporting tool that allows you to keep spam from reaching your inbox. SpamAgent comes with over 1500 preset filters to stop spam from reaching your inbox - and allows you to fight back against spam with the click of a button!

Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

HTML has no secrets now. You are doing click on viewed element on web page and getting its colored source code for learning and storing to local disk. Create your own collection of working examples for daily using.

Secure Desktop Lock down and Access Control!
Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!

Spytech SpyLock is the award winning powerful and secure desktop lock down system that allows you to quickly and securely lock your PC down while you are away. SpyLock securely locks down your PC desktop to prevent others from accessing your PC - as well as providing content filtering abilities to control what users do on your PC.


Obtain It -Then Instantly Download!
When you use didtheyreadit, every e-mail that you send is invisibly tracked without alerting the recipient. But when they read your message, you will immediately receive the following information:

When, exactly, your email was opened. How long your email remained opened. Where, geographically, your email was viewed

Amazing program bypasses security codes on computers, makes a copy of
every file on the computer and pulls deleted files. Downloads to your
disk, then you walk away.

 Disk Detective Software Does Security Scan So You'll
Know Where Your Employees have Been!

Tools, software, Scripts, documents, codes, Tools, Scanners,
Viruses, and MORE!


Interactive Computer Disk Hands You State By State Free Public Records

State And Regional CD-Roms With Valuable Public Records Data
Because The Search Is Free For Those Who Own The Disk!

World's First DVD Training On Surveillance
Ultimate Surveillance Two Hour DVD Training
With By Gene Robertson

World's First DVD Training On:
The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements
Developed By John Hoda"You Can Gather 35% To 50% More Facts By Vastly
Increasing Your Investigative Interviewing And Statement Taking Skills With This Ground-Breaking Fun To Take DVD Training Material!"

The One And Only Bible Just Updated And Expanded For
2000 - Interactive CD-ROM!

Interactive Computer CD And Book Lets Your Find Anyone Fast!

Interactive CD-Rom hands you a huge legal reference tool for your
investigative practice!

A Huge CD Rom Training And Resource Program On CD

New Update on CD-Rom With Certification Option In Service of
Process from NAIS

A Massive Interactive Training Program on CD-Rom

 Professional's Guide To Assets Searching And Debt Collection
CD-Rom With Manual, Legal Aspects And Free Searches! Complete
Start-Up Manual On Assets Searching And Debt Collection Agency Practice
By Fay Faron With Ralph Thomas

Manual And Interactive Computer Disk Hands You Thousands Of
Secret Techniques And Sources For Developing And Marketing
Your PI Web Site! Thousands Of Free Graphics, Animations,
Web Templets, Marketing Services And Free Ads/Banners
You Can Use To Draw Traffic To Your Site!


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