SpyCop Counter Surveillance Scanner

Did You Know Family
Members, Competitors or
Complete Strangers,
Can Sneak A Keylogger
Onto Your Computer?

Then They Can Secretly
Record Everything You Do
Without Your
Knowledge or Consent !


"SpyCop... found a trace of SpectorSoft's eBlaster keylogger on my system that Spy Sweeper and Norton AntiVirus failed to notice"  

Edward C. Baig Personal Tech Writer USA Today www.usatoday.com

From: Grey McKenzie
SpyCop Founder

I was stunned to find out.... 

how simple it is for criminals, your spouse, boss, employees or hackers to install keylogger type spy programs on your computer and watch your every move. 

Spy software is so easy to install and use, it can turn any eight year old into a seasoned hacker !

They have even come out with "hybrid spy software" which disguises itself as an E-Card greeting card ! The moment you open it you're infected. 

Did you know identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes of this century affecting some 700,000 people, who last year alone, lost an estimated $4 Billion dollars ?

SpyCop for Microsoft Windows® was the first in the industry to identify and disable these spy programs, and SpyCop remains the leader even today. 

If you're on the receiving end of a snooping program, wouldn't you want to know? SpyCop can ferret out hidden spy programs...

Kim Komando Best Shareware

This is how SpyCop will SPYPROOF your PC:

  • Stop Password Theft Dead- SpyCop detects spy software that is put on your computer to capture your passwords
  • Keep Your Emails Private - SpyCop alerts you if your emails are being snooped by spy software.
  • Kill Instant Message & Chat spy software - SpyCop keeps your online chats and instant messages safe from prying eyes.
"...thumbs up. It seems to be the easiest and most effective way to find out if you are being monitored. " 

Becky Worley www.techtv.com

  • Stop Surfing Monitors - SpyCop can prevent spy software from capturing & recording what websites you're visiting.
  • Stop Keystroke Loggers Dead- SpyCop protects you from spy software that can capture & record your every keystroke.
  • Prevent Online Credit Card Theft - SpyCop can help keep your credit card information safe if you shop online.
"Computer interconnectivity has opened a world of possibilities, and our lives are more convenient because of it. One trade-off, however, is that it's now possible for prying eyes to monitor virtually every action you take on your computer. SpyCop offers a way to monitor the software that might be monitoring you." 

Laptop Magazine www.techworthy.com

  • Protect Your Banking Information - SpyCop can protect your banking information from being stolen if you bank online.
  • Prevent Unauthorized spy software Data Transfer - SpyCop can stop spy software from relaying your private information over the Internet
  • Prevent Identity Theft - SpyCop can stop spy software from capturing and recording information that can help someone steal your identity.
With SpyCop you can rest assured your passwords are as safe as possible. SpyCop detects over 400 commercially available surveillance spy software products.

With SpyCop you don't have to worry that all your email correspondence is being monitored. SpyCop will alert you to what the spy software program is and when it was installed.

Did you know that spy software can capture and record your chat conversations? SpyCop will detect the culprit and allow you to safely disable it.

Even the websites you travel to and everything you look at online can be captured and relayed over the internet to whoever installed the spy software on your PC. SpyCop keeps you safe and secure fromthese type of attacks on your privacy.

Spy software can capture and record every keystroke you make without your knowledge or consent. SpyCop locates & destroys the spy software from operating on your system and spying on you.

If you shop online your credit card information can be stolen with a keylogger and used to ruin your credit. With SpyCop you protect yourself against this type of high tech robbery.

Even your banking information can be subject to being hijacked for criminal use without your knowledge or consent. SpyCop can keep your financial information safe from these predators.

All this information that spy software gathers can be sent right over the Internet to anyone.  SpyCop lets you know if you are being spied upon.

Identity theft is exploding across our nation ! SpyCop is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

Hung had downloaded Perfect Keylogger last year and attached it to an online game which he posted on his webpage.... 

Whenever someone played the game, Perfect Keylogger would be installed automatically on the person's computer and record all keystrokes made by the user.

This was how Hung got the password and user ID of Wong Ming Liang's DBS online bank account....

Channel News



My emotionally troubled, now ex boyfriend, had installed Spector Pro on my computer. He would send me nasty emails laughing that there was no way I could get it off and erase incoming emails and other files. I had no idea how to eradicate it. I tried another program, but it didn't find

When I tried SpyCop, it found it! Then you helped me disable it and remove it from my system quickly. Your program has lifted such a weight off my shoulders. 

For those of us who are victims of what I consider a crime, you have done for me what even law enforcement couldn't. 

Thank you, thankyou, thank you!

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SpyCop detects and disables over 400+ commercially available PC surveillance spy software products that are currently available to anyone !

No other product on the market does as thorough a job as SpyCop.

If your PC is infected with spy software, SpyCop will detect it with our brute force method of scanning! SpyCop literally goes through every program file on your hard drive leaving no stone unturned.

Key Features

  • New Stealth Technology
  • Finds Keyloggers
  • Finds Chat Monitors
  • Finds Password Recorders
  • Finds Credit Card Recorders
  • Finds Email Recorders
  • Finds Internet Relay spy software
  • Finds Screen Recorders
  • Finds URL Recorders
  • Disables spy software
  • Detects Dormant spy software
  • Auto Scanning Screensaver
  • Easy To Use Auto Database Update Feature
  • Unlimited Email Tech Support
  • Easily Scan Single Files For Checking Of Suspicious Files
  • Detect spy software That Renames & Moves Itself
  • Database Search Query Tool
  • Easily Find And Disable spy software With SpyCop
  • Largest Surveillance Software Database In The World

So here's my pledge to you...

My company SpyCop will keep you supplied with the absolute best cutting edge spy detection technology.  You'll receive unlimited FREE technical support for a one time purchase.

Why charge?... It takes a tremendous amount of time, resources, and money to keep ahead of spy companies who are constantly rewriting their spy software in an attempt to prevent detection.

So here's my special offer...

Save $20 if you register before midnight  .

You've heard all the information regarding SpyCop and how important it is to get protected. 

Take out your credit card and click on the order now button and you will be taken to our secure servers. Get protected fast with our instant download.

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