Find Out How You Have The Potential Of Adding $3,000 A
Week Of More To Your Investigative Agency Business!

The Amazing New System That Adds Substantial Income To Any Investigative Agency!
Stationary Covert Video Recording Operations Will Never Be The Same Again!
Completely Self- Contained Covert Video Camera With Built In Digital Video Recorders!
Stealth Motion Activated! Camera Automatically Records When People Are In The Room!
Video Camera Automatically Shuts Down When No Activity Is Present Saving You Recording Time!
Time And Date Stamping On All Your Covert Video Evidence! Now Inside Ands Outside Models1
Easy And Quick To Set Up! This Is The New Generation System To Use, Rent And Sell Your Clients!

Stationary covert video operations will never be the same again with these highly advanced top quality patent pending CoverTeK™ systems! Built into your choice of ordinary looking different style items, these advanced covert video cameras are completely self contained with both the hidden camera and a digital video recorder built right into them! You obtain complete time and date stamping on your videos so you know both the date and the time the automatic video recording happened! The CoverTeK™ systems are completely motion activated which means that they turn on and off only when activity in the room is present. You have no power problems or limitations for the camera nor power problems or limitations for the digital video recorder as these CoverTeK™ systems run off the same power cord that operates the every-day device. You can set them up in seconds and they are very easy to operate. There are now outdoor weatherproof models that have one year battery life! The digital video recorder will take SD cards which gives you up hours of recording time. For extended operations over a number of days, simply obtain extra SD cards and change the card every day or as needed. If you have a need or your clients have a need for stationary covert video operations, these are the systems to go with. If you are an investigative agency, you can easily rent out these systems to your clients and make a small fortune!

Several Easy No- Brainer Ways To View Your Evidence Recording
The CoverTeK™ is the only unit on the Market today that can play back directly from the unit itself. Just connect the provided RCA Cable to any TV or Monitor to see what has been recorded or you can take the SD Card out of the unit, use the provided card reader, view the video right from a PC or laptop using Windows Media player. If you already have a small pocket-sized digital video recorder with screen, you can simply take out the SD card and view the video evidence on the pocket DVR screen. CoverTeK™ has alleviated the need for any additional software or other equipment. It’s all extremely easy and quick for you to use and operate.

Review Progression Of Covert Video Surveillance Operation Before It's Even Over!
For operations of more than a day or so, simply supply the user or client with enough SD cards for the time period of the covert surveillance. The client or installer can bring you the SD cards or review them themselves even as the covert video surveillance is under way. At the same time that your progressive surveillance video review is happening, you can simply place an extra SD card ready to trigger more covert video footage even while you are reviewing the evidence on the first memory card!

You Get Special Features And Advanced Advantages

• New Generation Patent Pending CovertTeK™ Covert Video Systems
• Stationary Covert Video Recording Operations Will Never Be The Same Again!
• Completely Self- Contained Covert Video Camera With Built In Digital Video Recorder
• Stealth Motion Activated! Camera Automatically Records When People Are In The Room
• Video Camera Automatically Shuts Down When No Activity Is Present
• Time And Date Stamping On All Your Covert Video Evidence
• No Power Supply Problems To the Camera Or Video Recorder
• Review Progression Of Covert Video Is Easy With Removable Memory Cards!
• You Can Capture More Covert Video Even While You Are Reviewing The First Evidence!
• Easy And Quick To Set Up!
• This Is The New Generation System To Use, Rent And Sell To Your Clients!
• Your Can Quickly And Easily Build Up Your Video System Rental Business!
Now with weatherproof outdoor models and models with zero light needed! v

• Video system NTSC
• Video Resolution: 1280x720, 720x480 / 320x240
• Future firmware upgrades
• Time & Date Stamp During Playback on Unit
• Some Models Now For Outdoor Use And Zero Lighting Conditions!
• Frames Per Second: VIDEO 30fps (Real Time); JPG 1 Frame @ 3 Seconds
• Video Recording Modes: Manual / Motion Activation
• Playback Speed: 1x, 2x, 4x
• Image Size @ 320 x 240: 25kb ~ 160kb@30fps
• Firmware Upgradeable via SD Card
• Your Choice Of Full Color Or Black And White

CoverTeK Covert Video Systems Include:
• CoverTeK™ Hidden Video Recorder System
• Remote Control
• USB SD Card Reader
• USB Extension Cable for Card Reader
• SD Card
• Note: Extra 32 GB Cards Can Be Obtained For System
• Video Cable
• Instructions

New Generation Remote View Systems
New in the CoverTek line are remote view systems that lets you have a complete covert video or overt video monitoring system you can view at any time anywhere in the world on your computer, laptop, smart phone or other internet enabled digital devise! You can check them out at the bottom of this page.

It's Easy For Investigative Agencies To Jump Into The CoverTeK Cams™ Business!
That is correct! You can rent them and you can sell them. We offer substantial wholesale pricing on CoverTeK cameras. You simply offer your clients the cameras for their surveillance situation and either rent them or sell them. Many investigative agencies offer a compete operation where the camera is placed and the SD cards are picked up and changed every day or every few days. You clients will use your service almost every time! Many investigative agencies are offering rental agreements where they take care of everything for $300.00 a week or maybe $500.00 a month. Think about that for a second. If you got ten cameras out there that produce $500.00 a month, that is an extra $5,000 a month in your pocket or an extra $60,000 a year! We strongly suggest that you start out with at least ten different CovertTeK cameras because you will be really surprised at how quickly your clients will want this service and how quickly you can get these cameras placed.

You Can Make A Small Fortune Renting CoverTeK Cams™ Out!

Investigative Agencies Are Quickly Reporting Added Income Of $3,000 A Week Or More!
That is correct. This new video camera recording system is very HOT. You can let the system do the hard evidence gathering labor for you by simply renting the system out! No fuss and no muse! Remember you are in a profession that already has a built-in high demand base for this new system and your business could explode by offering them! Usually one or two small rentals will pay for a complete system and after that, it's pure profit and pure gold. Just think of it if you could have five or ten systems rented out every week! Many investigative agencies are doubling their business volume with these new high quality state-of-the art systems! The best part about it is you do no labor intensive surveillance yourself! You simply rent out the system. Many investigative agencies in America start with one or two systems and then quickly expand their rental operation to five, ten or twenty systems building up their stock slowly.That's because the profit potential is so huge and the demand for them is so high. It sounds almost hard to believe but it's true. Ten system rentals can easily make you an extra $3,000 a week or more! Take a look at this simple math at a very conservative rental price:

Weekly CoverTeK™ Rental Rates $300.00 a Week Your Profit!
One CoverTek Rental A Week $300.00 a week
Five CoverTek Rentals A week $1,500.00 a week
Ten CoverTek Rentals A Week $3,000.00 a week
Twenty CoverTek Rentals A week $6,000.00 a week
Monthly CoverTek™ Rental Rates: $500.00 a Month  
One CoverTek Rental A Month $500.00 a month
Five CoverTek Rental A Month $2,500.00 a month
Ten CoverTek Rental A Month $5,000.00 a month
Twenty CoverTek Rental A Month $10,000.00 a month
High Volume 20 Weekly And 20 Monthly Rentals $16,000.00 a month

Every once in a while, high technology offers you a way to make a small fortune with a new concept! It's usually those who get in the market first who make all the money! Opportunity is knocking right now and all you have to do is open that door by taking action right now and we urge you to try this! Be the very first to offer the new CoverTeK™ covert video systems in your area and be the first to start making huge profits off the sales and rentals of these systems. You will be extremely happy that you did and fall in love with this new generation high quality product! You can obtain your choice of black and white or full color Stealth systems right now and be on your way to a small fortune in a new covert video system rental business that is now exploding by ordering right now! In a very short time, you could be the next investigative agency to rent out an average of 20 weekly CoverTek™ and 20 monthly CoverTek™ and become the next agency to make an extra $16,000.00 a month with no labor intensive surveillance jobs! Do it now before the competition in your area gets involved in this new and hot high demand market!

Warning And Danger For Professionals

Ditch The
Toys-R-Us Junk!

It's important to point out that the camera market is now flooded with low-grade cheaper squeeker camera junk and look-a-like knock-off junk that is being passed off as professional grade camera systems by many so called low grade "Spy Shops" and we warn you to stay away from them! Their main purpose seems to be to fool you! You can quickly become the laughing stock of the security and investigaitve industry by passing these cameras off as professional grade models and it is highly improtant for you to understand this fact now! These cameras are built for the low grade consumer market with a $39.95 surveillance budget and the kiddie and want-a-be market for those who do not understand the difference between a professional grade camera and a toy camera. These made in China camera systems have a high failure rate, do not have the resolution nor the lux rating needed and are not designed for long term and continued use. If you have become victim of pricing that looks too good to be true, give your cheaper squeaker low grade kiddie cameras to your children to take to school for show-and-tell time in their sixth grade classroom and move into the professional grade of covert video camera systems you can be proud of and save yourself some time and trouble now! We warn you to NOT use a $69.00 so- called surveillance camera system on a several thousand dollar surveillance job. Leave your competition in the dust by staying with the professional grade CoverTeK camera line and let the want-a-bes find out the hard way with their cheaper sqeeker mantality. You know there will always be a "Cheap Detective Agency" out there that will pass off junk cameras as professional grade surveillance systems and you can easily capitolize on that now by ordering now!



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