The Very Best In Covert Video Bodyware!
Use As Wired Covert Video Camera! Use As Wireless Video Camera! Interchangeable Lenses Lets You Have It As Covert Eyeglass Or
Sunglass Video Cam! Now With Special Pocket DVR Option
That Actually Powers The Covert Video Camera!

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Three interchangeable lenses gives you the ability to go from
standard (non sunglass) glasses, to light sunglasses to dark sunglasses!
New EyeGlassTek Pocket DVR Provides Battery Power For The Camera!

These new generation exclusive covert video eyeglass cameras are designed specially for capturing the video evidence you need to get! They are designed with interchangeable lenses so you can have almost clear eyewear for inside use and two other lens for sunglasses. Not only that, you can use them with the included wireless video link that make them wirelessly send to an included receiver you easily hook up to any type of video recorder. You can also use them with a portable covert video digital recorder you carry on your body. The built in covert camera is a new generation tiny full color low light CMOS camera 2cm(h) x 2cm(w) x 2cm(d), and only 35g weight). You can now obtain this high-tech covert video camera disguised as both eyeglasses and sunglasses with a special built pocket digital video recorder that powers the camera eliminating the need for bulky batteries.

Have It Your Way!
Get The Best Of All Worlds When It Comes To Covert Video Operations!

You get the best of all worlds as you can use your new covert video system either as a wired camera, wireless camera or use it in conjunction with the special pocket-sized micro DVR that powers the camera. You have it your way! Either wired or wireless covert video operations, you make the your choice you need! You get the best of ALL worlds as you can use them indoors or outdoors with the interchangeable lenses. Using them in the wireless mode, the kit transmits in the 1.2 GHz mw high frequency range which will make a huge difference in the range and quality, especially when transmitting through ceilings, floors and walls. Line of Sight is up to 1000 feet.

New State-of-The-Art Easy To Use Covert Video System
If you can put on a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can use this completely self contained covert video system! Select the lens type and place them on the glasses. You can pick sunglasses for outdoor use, or the clear lens for indoor use. If using the special pocket DVR, hide it on your body or in your pocket. You are now ready to conduct your covert video operation. Since the camera lens is located in the middle of the eyeglass frame, the video records what you see! Nothing could be easier to use and you will love the end results you obtain.


  • Camera Sees And Records What You See
  • Wireless Video Transmission & Reception
  • Small Size & Light Weight
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long Range 1.2 - 2.4 GHz Wireless Spy Camera
  • Easy to Install & Operate
  • Easy to Conceal
  • Transmitter/Camera Size: 1.9cm (W) 1.9cm (H) 1.9cm (D)
  • Three Interchangeable lenses!
  • Use in wired or wireless mode
  • Perfect and versatile For Covert Video Capture
  • Comes In Complete Kit With Protective Zipper Case.
  • Optional Digital Video Micro Pocket DVR That Powers Camera!

  S/N RATIO 48dB
1Vp-p 75ohm
  OPERATING TEMP -10¡æ--+50¡æ
  IC OV7910

The wide field of view angle enables you to view a whole standard size room. It sees what you see and video records you evidence.The ultimate body worn covert video solution.

Your covert video eyeglass and sunglass capture kit comes complete with the covert video eyeglass/sunglass camera, three interchangeable lens, wireless sender and receiver, power supply for receiver, all needed cords and RCA plug adaptors. It comes in a black zipper case with cut-out and protective foam to store your covert video bodyware kit when not in use. This kit is top of the line, versatile and will last you for years. You can also purchase it with your choice of several different portable covert video recorders (see below)

EyegalssTeK With DVR
New Eyeglass/Sunglass Covert Video Camera With Pocket DVR That Powers Video Camera

Now you can obtain the specially built eyeglass and sunglass covert video camera with a pocket-sized micro DVR built especially for our EyeGlass VideoTek that provides power for the camera. There will be no need for bulky additional batteries. This special micro pocket-sized DVR features time/date stamp, quick swap battery (extra battery included), recharger, cigarette lighter adaptor/recharger, USB cable and computer software for downloading to your PC. 128 Mb internal memory and SD card slot for up to 4 hours recording on a 1Gb SD card. Kit also includes RCA cables for replay on monitor or TV and heavy duty custom carrying/storage case.  Remember, the stylish covert sunglasses camera with interchangeable tinted lenses ranging from dark (for outside use) to almost clear (for inside use).


EyeglassTeK With Micro DVR
New Eyeglass/Sunglass Covert Video Camera With Pocket DVR
That Powers Video Camera!
Normal Pricing $895.00 Your Cost Only $395.00

EyeglassTeK Without Micro DVR
1.2 Ghz Wired And Wireless Color Eyeglass/Sunglass Camera-
Normal Pricing $595.00 - On Sale Now! Only $295.00




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