It's Out! New Generation SuperTek Audio!
Smaller • Smarter • Better • Cheaper!
With No Battery Drain And New Generation Features!
Especially Well Suited For Automatic Telephone Recording!
The Tiny High-Tech Audio Evidence Gathering Machine !

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New Generation

SuperTek Digital Audio Recorder
With No Battery Drain!

Amazing Features!
• Telephone Recording Connection
• No Battery Drain When Not In Use
• Silent Pocket Vibration Mode

• Super Sensitive Internal Mic
• Microphone sensitivity adjustment
• 133 Hours Of Recording Time
• Small, Light Weight And Black
• Voice activated recording
• USB interface
• Earphone allows for hearing aid use
• Time indicator for recording remaining
• File search
• (Plays first 7 seconds of each file )
• All in one menu button
• Repeated playback
• Quick message search

SuperTek Black Digital Audio Recorder
With No Battery Drain And Amazing New Generation
Features Found In No Other Recorder! 133 Hours Of Recording Time!

Automatic Telephone Recorder, Standard Digital Recorder, Motion Activated Recorder!

The all new generation 133 Hour SuperTek Black Audio Recorder and automatic telephone recorder has features and quality found in no other recorder on the market! The SuperTek Black Audio features will simply amaze you! It's black, light weight and tiny measuring a mere 3 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inch x 3/4th of an inch. While many telephone recorders on the market today offer long play ability, their battery life is very limited because the recorder is always draining power listening for the next call. SuperTek is very different in that it completely shuts down ALL power after three minutes until another voice is present. This feature works on regular mode as well as automatic telephone recording mode. This is the very first recorder on the market to have what's called "pocket vibration" mode. You simply place the tiny recorder in your pocket and it silently alerts you to the fact that it has turned on automatically so you know you are recording. SuperTek has a super amplified mic built in that you can adjust to record audio even when someone is talking in a "soft" voice. Aside from that, the "sampling rate" is much higher on this recorder than your standard digital recorder making the sound much more crisp and clear. It's broadcast quality, law enforcement approved and audio forensic grade! Just take a look at these new generation features found in this tiny high-tech audio evidence gathering machine!


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• Auto powers off when not in use (zero battery drain!)
• Top quality voice activated recording
• Fast download/upload via USB interface
• Microphone sensitivity adjustment and amplified Mic.
• Easy and fast repeated playback
• Easy and quick message search
• Vibration mode for discreet recording

• Easy to read time indicator for recording remaining
• All in one menu button
• Earphone allows for hearing aid use
• File search plays first 7 seconds of each file
• Bright and attractive LCD screen that's easy to read.
• Quick And Easy function learning!

• SuperTek Digital Recorder
• DVR manager CD
• AC Adapter
• Ear Buds
• Microphone
• USB Cable
• Telephone recording adapter
• Telephone cord
• Lanyard
• 2 AAA batteries
• Instruction book
• 256MB with 133 hours of recording time.

• 3 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches x 3/4th inch

Huge Assortment Of Accessories Included With Your SuperTek Audio Kit!
This high quality tiny digital recorder is a compete kit giving you a huge assortment of included accessories.(Not pictured is a special A/C power adapter that will power the recorder so you will not have to worry about battery drainage for very long range operations such as one to two week telephone recording ability) You will obtain fast download and upload with the USB plug. You can use the automatic telephone recording control to record both sides of a telephone conversation. You can use the Cell Phone recorder adaptor to record both sides of a cell phone conversation. Although SuperTek Black has it's own internal mic, the kit comes with an amplified external mic so you can record when distance is a problem. Superior software for your computer is provided. Stereo headphones can be used to listen to the evidence recordings or interviews you make or you can use them as an MP3 player and download music and radio shows from your computer just as you would an iPod. You'll find this new generation high end recorder a cut way above anything else you have ever experienced.


Su360 Degree SuperTeK Black Audio View!

SuperTek Black Digital Audio Recorder
With No Battery Drain And Amazing New Generation
Features Found In No Other Recorder!
133 Hours Of Recording Time!

Automatic Telephone Recorder, Standard Digital Recorder, Motion Activated Recorder!

360 Degree SuperTeK Black Audio View!

Place your mouse inside the graphics on the left. Hold the mouse down and move it. You can view this great product in a 360 degress view.



Your new audio recorder is very very tiny and has new features that leave the other small digital tape recorder models in the dust rendering them mere low-end toys. When it comes to top quality performance in investigative audio recording, nothing comes close to the features and high quality end results you obtain with the new generation SuperTek Audio so get your new generation audio evidence gathering machine today and be light years ahead of anyone else in your area! As a special introduction to this new recorder, you can obtain $100.00 off for a very limited time so get your high tech SuperTek audio advantage today!

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Smarter, Smaller, Cheaper!
SuperTek Digital Audio Recorder
With No Battery Drain And Automatic
Telephone Recorder Function

Huge Asccessories Kit !

256 MB with 133 Hours Of Audio
Recording Time

MSRP: $295.00


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