New Super Tap Buster
MSRP: $295.00
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• Provides Secure Communication And Alert When Talking On The Telephone!

• Alerts you and defeats bugs, wiretaps, tape recorders, extension line pickups and other form of eavesdropping so your communications on the telephone remains private!

The SuperTap Buster has been designed to automatically detect and disable most forms of wire taping and telephone bugging. The SuperTap Buster is equipped with an LCD voltage meter to allow the user to monitor the phone line conditions. Also included is a red LED that will flash to bring your immediate attention to the possibility of wire tapping on your line. At the same time, your telephone conversation will be automatically cut off by the Super Tap Buster to prevent your voice from being heard or recorded. When the "beep" switch is set to the "ON" position, simultaneously, a continuous warning "beep" will be transmitted to the person on the other end indicating that the conversation has been cut off due to wire tapping or telephone bugging.

The SuperTap Buster Defeats...

• • Automatic telephone tape recording devices.

•• Line transmitters (bugs placed inside the phone or on the line).

• • Extension line eavesdroppers.

• • All voltage activated devices.

Other Features Include:

• Automatically cuts off your conversation to prevent your voice from being heard or recorded.

• Automatically transmits a warning "beep" to the person you are talking to and to allother.

• Provides Flashing red LED warning light to draw your immediate attention to possible wire tapping and telephone.

• Continious Line Digital Reading And Instructions so you will know within a second if something has changed on your telephone line that would indicate eavesdropping.

Dimension: 5-1/2" x 4" x 1-1/2". 

The SuperTap Buster actually defeats the devices that other products only claim to warn you of. With its easy to view LCD voltage meter, you can continually monitor the on and off hook line voltage. By monitoring the line voltage, you can instantly determine eavesdropping attacks. For example, someone listening on an extension phone, lineman's headset in use, series transmitters, and many other types of eavesdropping attempts.

The SuperTap Buster is housed in an attractive, ivory cabinet and is powered by 9 volts DC. (Power supply and 6 feet of telephone cable included). A voltage regulator is built into the rear panel for adjustability of dial tone worldwide.


New Super Tap Buster MSRP: $295.00



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