The Lawmate Evolution Continues!
New TieTeK Camera With 550 Lines Of Resolution!

High Resolution CCD Covert Video Tie Camera Kit
Law Enforcement Grade! Can Be Powered By LawMate High
Grade Pocket Digital Video Recorders!

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The SpyTek approved LawMate TieTek gives you a totally concealed video camera built into an high grade tie. You can use it with our pocket-sized digital video recorders for a totally self contained covert video recording system so you will always be in a position to capture and record the covert video evidence you need. Built and invented by LawMate, the famous name in covert video, the TieTek is designed for the well dressed operative. We use a high grade CCD low light camera and not the cheap cameras you find all over the Internet so you obtain top quality professional end results! The high grade camera features low light ability and records in 550 lines of resolution. Works with and can be powered by LawMate high grade pocket DVRs



Inside Or Outside, Setting Stationary Or On The Go,
You Will Capture High Grade Covert Video Every Time!

The great thing about the TieTek camera is the fact that someone can be standing right in front of you and no one but you will ever know you are covertly recording video. The pinhole is so small, you'd need a magnifying glass to see it! This covert video system records exactly what you see with your own eyes as you move around. Because of the high grade high resolution and low light camera, it's perfect for special covert video surveillance operations you can use whenever you need high grade covert video surveillance!


TieTek Color Covert Video Low Light Wired Camera CCD Camera $209.95

Attention Dealers! Substantial dealer discounts in lots of 3, 5, 10, and 20.

Attention Dealers! Substantial dealer discounts in lots of 3, 5, 10, and 20.
Call 512.719.3595 for pricing.

Dealers And Distributors Please Note: In order to protect the trademarked name, high quality, integrity and
innovation Of LawMate Brand products and to avoid confusion concerning professional grade equipment and
consumer grade equipment, we are now requiring all sellers and distributors to clearly mark all LawMate brand
products as a LawMate product in all promotional material so the end user is not confused.