Professional Business Forms And Contracts for Electronic
Countermeasures, TSCM Companies

This set of professional business forms is specifically designed for individuals and companies doing technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), electronic countermeasures work. This set of forms includes virtually everything necessary to make a professional, complete countermeasures survey (sweep) from the initial client contact, company information, quote instructions and forms, confidentially agreement, final survey (sweep) completion summary forms and more. These are all the forms you should need to operate your countermeasures company with a professional presentation and professional paperwork.

 These forms have been prepared and used by professional countermeasures companies.  They have been reviewed by legal staff and contain the necessary waivers, indemnification, and disclaimers to help protect you and your company and your client.

 These forms would cost thousands of dollars and many hours of work to create from scratch! 
The forms are provided in Microsoft Word format so they can be easily modified to accommodate any additions or deletions you wish to make to customize them to your company. The letterhead at the top of the forms says “Your Company”. You simply add your company name and information at the top, any changes you wish to make, and the forms are complete. The forms are provided on CD which is not copy protected, so you can make backup copies for your security. The forms are copyright protected and the CD comes with an authorization to use the forms for your unlimited personal company use but may not be resold or distributed outside your company.

Massive Contents Include:

 TSCM General Information
  This document is intended to be provided to a prospective client, and outlines basic protocols of your company's electronic countermeasures services.  It includes a definition of the various countermeasures areas covered and the equipment your company may use, without actually identifying the specific brands or models. The categories explained are: Amplitude Domain, Time Domain, Frequency Domain, Modulation Domain, Space Domain, Physical Domain, Audio Domain, Telco Domain, Power Domain, Digital and Data Communication Domain and Additional. The document explains the various domains and what equipment is generally used to evaluate that particular domain. For example the category of “Frequency Domain” says:

 “This type of equipment is used to locate RF energy in the radio frequency spectrum, performing basic measurements of those signals.  The purpose is to evaluate the frequency parameters used by the signal, and how the signal relates to other signals which may occupy nearby frequencies.  The most common type of instrument used to evaluate the frequency domain is a spectrum analyzer, or RF Receiver.  We maintain an inventory of 4 spectrum analyzers with a range of up to 125 GHz and several various types of RF receivers”

 Quote Instructions: 
This document is intended for in house use to be used by your company staff to formulate the quote process as it applies to the particular client. The document will allow a non-technical person to provide the basis for an accurate quote. The document outlines the procedure and factors involved to provide an accurate quote for any prospective client and can be used by your company personnel or sales staff. It describes what method is used and how to factor into the quote the differences in building construction, contents, etc.  It covers how different threat levels factor into the quote process.

Standard Fee Schedule: 
This document provides the standard fee schedule of your company. The cost for services are listed in each category and covers the usual areas of cost per square foot, building construction, warehouses versus other buildings, telco lines and instruments, out of area mileage, per diem expenses, mileage, minimum survey fees, etc. This is basically your company price sheet and is intended for in house use to be able to provide an accurate quote of the cost of services. This document is used in conjunction with the quote instructions to allow a non-technical person to be able to provide an accurate professional quotation to any prospective client.

Quote Worksheet: 
This is the actual worksheet form that you company will use to determine the total cost for the countermeasures survey (sweep). It incorporates the information and pricing from the standard fee schedule into a worksheet to arrive at an accurate cost for services. Your personnel simply total the columns and arrive at an accurate total cost for services. This is an in house worksheet and is not provided to the client.

Proposal and Agreement: 
This document is the final computation of the cost for services by category, which is provided to the client.  It outlines the actual services your company proposes to provide to the client, and the total cost. It incorporates the purpose and scope of the services and includes a legal disclaimer. For example, a portion of the disclaimer says “The survey results are based upon the limitations of equipment, personnel, physical premises and other variable constraints and do not constitute an absolute conclusion as to the presence of such devices”. This is the actual proposal form and agreement that is provided to the client which they sign authorizing your company to provide the services at the costs indicated in the agreement.  This is a legally binding contract for services.

Confidentially Agreement: 
This document is provided to the client prior to the actual services being performed.  This document explains that having access to the premises may result in the acquisition of certain confidential information relating to the general, personal or business affairs of the individual or company where the services are provided. This document provides your client assurance that any private information you obtain will be held in confidence.  This is a legally binding agreement.

 Countermeasures Survey (sweep) Form: 
This document is the actual document provided to the client after the survey is completed.  It outlines the protocol followed and lists the equipment used (non-model specific) by brand type and the results in each area. The form provides an opinion as to whether the location is believed to be clear of surreptitious surveillance equipment or indications of surveillance have been found.  It additionally provides for any recommendations that you may wish to add. This document includes a legal disclaimer similar to the Proposal and Agreement document.

Although these forms are believed to be complete and proper, it is necessary to advise that prior to use they should be evaluated by your legal counsel and/or other professionals to insure they meet any specific or particular requirements of your state or region.

Professional Business Forms And Contracts for Electronic Countermeasures, TSCM Companies

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