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New Generation USB Audio Recorder - 144 Hours On 4 GB/ 25 Day Standby $148.00

This all new generation digital USB Audio recorder is a gemstone unit you MUST have. It contains features no other USB audio recorder has in the market place! This high tech recorder features Ultra long time VAR (Voice Activated Recording), 25 day standby time and up to 144 hours of recording time.

With high quality recording results, you just can not go wrong with this new generation mini audio recorder. 144 hours Of recording time, 25 day standby mode, voice activated sensitivity adjustment and rechargeable battery from your USB, you'll collect the legal audio evidence you need to collect every time! Great for investigative interviewing because it's so small. Great for covert recording under one party consent! Whatever your legal audio recording need, this little baby will help you do your job! You will be making your case and collecting the evidence with the new generation advanced audio recorder with features no other recorder on the market has so we urge you to make your case and make your day by ordering now. When it comes to the collection of legal audio evidence, you'll be leaving your competition in the dust!

New Generation USB Audio Recorder $148.00
144 Hours On 4 GB/ 25 Day Standby

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