By Cody Woods

As a specialist and expert on covert video camera gear, I can tell you that most investigators choose cameras in a hit or miss fashion. The choice you make is important and the cheapest camera is not always the best nor the right choice. Choosing the right camera for your specific surveillance needs can make or break your case. You have a lot of choices these days and it's important that you make the right one. Choices you need to consider include:

• Black And White, or Color
• Wired Or Wireless
• Lux Rating
• Camera Power Options
• Various Types Of Recording Media
• Versatility And Multifunctional Ability

• Size Of Camera
• Size Of Recording Media
• Zoom Ability
• Resolution
• Storage Ability Of Your Recorder
• What Camera Is Disguised In

Many times the wrong choice is made. So let’s talk about how to make the right choice.

In order to decide what type of camera to use, you have to know the situation that you will be in. This includes the lighting of the area, the size of the area, and surrounding conditions. You need to think about what you will be wearing, and if you can conceal multiple items.

I would always recommend going with a wired camera when ever possible. You might not always have that option. Let’s go over a few reasons for choosing wired over wireless.

1. Less expensive.
You do not have to buy expensive transmitters and receivers.

2. Easier to use.
You do not have to learn the limitations of the transmitter

3. No worries about interference.
Radio signals, cordless phone, and any number of other things can interfere with your transmitter.

4. Quick setup.
Most wired cameras and recorders are plug & play.

5. If you have a recorder with a screen, you can see exactly what you are shooting.

Depending on the type of recorder you have, and where you have it, many times you can peek at the recorder and see the picture the camera is giving you.
Now, reasons not to choose wired cameras.

1. You have to carry around more equipment. (camera, battery, recorder)

2. Wired cameras with the recorder and batteries are harder to conceal.

3. Harder to shoot exactly what you want. (With some wireless cameras, you can point them directly at your subject.

The next step after you have decided to go with wired or wireless is to decide on the specs of the camera. CCD camera or a CMOS camera. This refers to the type of camera. I will not get too technical here; just break it down in layman’s terms.

CMOS: Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor: Generally a small camera that has a lower cost, less power needed, low resolution, and poor lux rating (light). This means, you need a lot of light for the camera to work well, and your picture will not be at the highest quality.

CCD: Charge-coupled device: Tend to be slightly larger than CMOS, but have better resolutions, and lux ratings, and higher cost, and need more power.

One of the most important specs you need to check on your camera is the LUX rating.

LUX ratings: This is how much light the camera needs to operate. Most color cameras have a 1 lux or higher rating. B/W cameras can be generally used in much lower light situations.
What this means is that for surveillance in a dimly light bar, you are going to need a camera with a very low lux rating. One of the best for this is an x-view camera. These cameras have a very low lux rating of .005 or lower, and can work in almost total darkness.

OK, by now, hopefully you have decided on wired, or wireless, CMOS, or CCD, and B/W, or color. Now, you need to decide how to conceal your camera. There are many options available today.

There is a huge choice in video micro video cameras today that have different features
and functions. Click here to review the different types of micro video pinhole cameras.

1. Buying a naked board camera, and hiding it in something yourself. This will give you many options, and you can change them whenever you want, and will tend to be cheaper.

2. Buying a camera that is already hidden in something. This is the easier option. Most of the time, you will get a camera that is well built inside of something, and be easy to use. The cost will be a little higher, but you do not have to worry about making up your own housing.


There Is A Huge Selection Of Small Covert Bodywear Video Cameras in the market place today.
Pictured Above
High Resolution CCD Button Camera Kit
High Resolution CCD Baseball Cap Camera
High Resolution CCD Broach Camera
High Resolution Tie Camera
High Resolution CCD Unisex Bag Camera
High Resolution CCD Earphone MP3 Camera
New High Resolution Bullet Type Camera
The New Walk-Around Book Camera Hiding The DVR!
High Resolution Tactical Helmet CCD Camera
PV500 Attachable Camera Clip
High Resolution Mini Micro Camera
Wireless GunCam With Laser Sight/Wireless PV700/Armband
New! Podium Mic Cam -Hides PV500 In Base

Pictured Above From Left To Right Is: Pen Camera, Eyeglass/Sunglass Camera, Eyeglass Case Camera, Bag Camera, Pager Camera And Cell Phone Camera.

Your choice will likely be predicated on where you are going, and what you are going to wear. For example, you would most likely not want a sunglass camera for an in bar surveillance. And likewise, you would not want to go with a tie camera at the beach.

When it Comes To Covert Video Today, There Is A Wide Selection Of
Pocket-Sized Digital Video Recorders That Can Be Carried On Your Body
Covertly Or Hidden Just About Anywhere.

Pocket-Sized DVRS
Aside from Camera choice, there is now a huge selection of small digital video recorders that are pocket-sized and worth your special attention. You can click here to review the latest cutting-edge DVR micro technology. The size and type of the DVR you pick is determined by the circumstances of the covert video job you have and the camera you are going to use. For example, is you are using a purse camera, it doesn't really matter how big the DVR is as long as it will fit inside the purse. You can employ various small DVRs with a number of features including multifunctional ability with viewing screens, motion activated units and a whole lot more. Once again, click here to check them out.

There are a number of high Resolution Pocket DVRs in the market place that investigators could only dream about just a few years ago. Let's review some of them. You can go to each individual product page and watch a video presentation of each one.


Watch Some Video Presentations Of Cutting-Edge Covert Video Products!
You Can Click Of Each Still Frame Above Or Links Below!

Video Presentation Of The PV-500 Pocket DVR
Video Presentation Of The BookIt Covert Video Camera
Video Presentation Of PV900 Invisible Secrets Pocket DVR
Video Presentation Of The Stealth ProPack Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit!

Watch Some More Video Presentations Of Cutting-Edge Covert Video Products!
You Can Click Of Each Still Frame Above Or Links Below!

PV800 High Grade Pocket Digital Video Recorder With 80 GB Hard Drive
Video Camera And DVR Built Into Working Pen
High Resolution Button Camera/Screw Camera Kit Powred By Our PV DVR Series
PV700 Law Enforcement Grade Pocket Digital Video Recorder

Multifunctional Systems
When picking covert video camera equipment, it's important to consider it's multifunctional ability since you will likely use the video gear for more than one type of job. For example, at times you may need a pinhole micro video camera that is for a short period of time and be able to carry it with you. At other times, you may need a camera that is needed for an extended period of time. . Many of the covert video pinhole cameras will function both with battery operation and also have cords that let you plug into wall outlets so you do not need to worry about battery power.

Coming May 2008
Micro Eyes Ball Can DVR ! Home & Office Security Camera - High Res, Color Low Light, Motion Activated

The new ping pong sized ball camera/DVR has many uses. You can stick it in things for either bodywear or stationary covery video surveillance.


Use It To Both Record Covert Video And Power Your Camera!

The all new PI Black DVR lets you use the tiny DVR itself to power certain kinds of covert video cameras. It will power the : Button Camera , Baseball Cap Camera, Purse Camera, Tie Camera, and Headphone Camera. This gives you a huge covert video surveillance advantage since you will not have to worry about battery power for both the camera and the DVR.

Although versatility and multifunctional covert video gear may cost you a little more up front, in the long run, you are going to end up saving a whole lot of money simply because the gear can be used for different types of covert video operations. That is, you will not have to run out and purchase additional gear when the functions you need changes. So then, consider multifunctional use and versatility when making your gear selection and you will be much better off in the long run.

Completely Self Contained Disguised Covert Video Camera
Systems For Sationary Covert Video Operations
Covert video camera systems built into everyday objects has come a long way. The first products of this nature required either wires or wireless connection to rather huge video recorders. They had limited function since the video recorder would have to run at all times. Once the video recorder tape or memory was gone, so was the video evidence. That has all changed. These covert video systems are now completely self contained with the recorder and camera built right into the product. Since these new self contained products are motion activated, there is no memory problems like there used to be. Here is a review of the best ones.


New Generation For 2008! Stationary Covert Video Surveillance Has Changed!
Self Contained Stationary Covert Video Systems!

Top Quality Covert Video Camera Systems With Built In Digital
Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!
Now With Up To 20 Hours Recording Time And Low Light Ability!

New Generation Stealth ProPack Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit!
Covert Video Eyeglasses Now With Totally Clear Lenses Powered By DVR!
Two Other Interchangeable Lenses For Outside Use! High Grade Button Camera Powered By DVR! Pocket DVR With Time/Date Stamping Display!
Super Blowout Sale! Was $479.95 Now Only $295.00

Video PenTek In Black!
Working Pen With Built In Digital Camera And Camcorder!
• Take Covert Video With This Amazing Pen!
• 1GB of memory and 1mega pixel resolution built right into a working pen!
• Fast downloading and battery charging through USB port!

New! Recluse! VideoTeK Black Box!
So Stealth You Can Not See The Camera An Inch Away! Completely Self Contained With
Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping

CoverTeK Super CovertCam For 2008!
• Completely Self Contained Stationary Covert Video System!
• Motion Activation, Time And Date Stamping, Automatic Stitching Night Vision Viewing!
• Completely Self Contained With Digital Video Recorder And Camera!
• Secret LCD Screen In Back Let's You Set Controls And Instantly Review Evidence!
• Wireless Transfer To Your Computer When Needed! $585.00

New for 2008! StealthShot Cam
The Automatic Motion Activated Covert Stationary Covert Video Camera
With Up To 11 Days Of Video Footage! Barely Even Noticeable And Fully Automatic!

The StealthShot Cam is a complete video recording system that is both compact and discreet. A built-in CMOS camera catches all the action and the video is recorded onto the included SD card. The best part is, this device looks like an ordinary motion sensor, allowing you to monitor any location discreetly. Simply mount it on the wall at your home or business and the StealthShot Cam will capture high quality digital video. When you want to view your footage, just remove the SD card and watch it on your computer.



MSR $295.00 ON SALE! ONLY $99.50

World's Smallest Color Wireless Covert Video Camera!
So Small-You Almost Need A Magnifying Glass To Notice It!

Complete Kit! With Tiny Wireless Color Camera, Receiver, Battery Power Adapters, Power Plug Adaptors, RCA Plugs And Everything Else You Need! Easy And Fast, Ready To Go Complete System!

About The Size Of a US Dime-Low Pricing-Four Models To Pick from

1.2 Ghz Wireless Micro Video Cmos Color Camera
With Receiver On sale $149.95

1.2 Ghz Wireless Micro Video Cmos B&W Camera
With Receiver On Sale Now $119.95


It Zooms! It Tilts! It Pans! All Remote Controled In
A Quality Pinhole Video Camera!

Amazing Color High-Resolution Sony Super HAD CCD (520 LOR) super cone pinhole lens camera with digital pan, tilt and 3X zoom. Our  package includes handy remote controller with 115ft. cable.


Ultra Extreme View Video Monitoring System

• Web Ready
• 40 Day Motion Activated DVR System with
• Integrated 7" LCD Screen and
• 4 Outdoor CCD Cameras with
• Built-in IR Night Vision
• Ready For Viewing Anywhere
Time And Date Stamping
• Hand Or Net Remote Control

Video Surveillance Through The Internet
Viewing video surveillance from the internet has developed into a video surveillance specialization in and of itself. It involves computer technology with the right kind of software, cameras and connections but it's quite easy and inexpensive to set up. Below is a review of the complete Internet video surveillance software and camera package that lets you do just that.

Access Video Camera From Anywhere Over The Internet!

Turns Your Computer Into A High Tech Video Monitoring Station
You Can Access From Anywhere In The World. Use Your Existing
Cameras Or Obtain Specialized Cameras. Access Video From The Internet. Have System Contact You By Phone, Email, Cell Phone Or PDA When It Detects Motion!

New Generation Quad Video Surveillance Systems

Recently, Quad video surveillance systems have come way down in price making them within reach of just about anyone or for just about any operation or monitoring needs. Below are two of the latest video surveillance quad kits.

QuadTeK Video Camera Kit
4 Cam Color Bullet Cameras With Quad

Quality and economy in a 4-camera weatherproof color CCD bullet package with mini real time, zoom quad and all accessories. Package also includes (4) 65ft. plug and play cables and  AC adaptors to power all cameras and quad. Additional cable length can be added using standard plug and play cables. Color 400 LOR CCD cameras include swivel mount and hardware.


Quality and economy in a 4-camera weatherproof color Day/Night IR CCD bullet package. Super Night Eye high resolution cameras capture video at over 400 lines of resolution in full sun light or in total darkness at 25 feet! Real time, full function high-resolution (720x480) quad features zoom, time/date stamp, remote control, PIP, freeze frame, motion alarm and multiple dis play modes.

Hopefully you are well on your way to choosing the right camera for the right job now. If not, give me a call, and I will be happy to help you make the right decision for the right job. Below you will find links that take you to extensive selections of video camera products.

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