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PowerCord Cam

In Stock Now
ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade
Stationary Covert Video Will Never Be The Same Again

Two Models To Pick From:
Advanced Model: High Resolution With Motion Activation
Ultra Advanced Model: High Definition, Motion Activation And External Camera Plug
Optional Lawmate Brand Covert Cord Cam

It looks like a regular every day AC Adapter you plug into the wall but that is not
what it is. This high grade covert video camera has a DVR and hidden camera built
right into it with motion activation, The Ultra Advanced Model has true High
Definition, Time And Date Stamping and an extra plug for a second camera such as
our covert cord plug camera that looks like a normal cord. Since the unit plugs into the
wall and it powered in this manner, there is no need to worry about battery drain since
this high grade unit is powered through the normal eclectic outlet. It just sets there
and looks like an AC Adopter but only you know what it really it.

QuickCam Grip-It!

New! QuickCam Grip-It
Quick Temporary Video Installation Is Now A Whole Lot Easier!

New Generation Video CamTeK System
High Quality! Four Camera Quad System. Night Vision!
Internet Ready Remote Access Online And From Your SmartPhone.
Access From Anywhere.

CovertTeK NannyCam Clocks

CoverTeK NannyCam Clock Covert Video Systems
You Choice Of Sponge Bob Clock, CoverTeK Princess Clock or the CoverTeK BaseBall Clock!
Inexpensive Covert Video Operations Just For Children's Bedrooms And Playrooms!


Cloths Hanger Stick-It Covert Video System
A Complete Covert Video System That You Can
Install In 30 Seconds Or Less

New State-Of-The-Art CoverTeK Remote View Covert Video CameraS ONLY $299.00

CoverTeK Digital, Encrypted Wireless Video Cameras With RCA Receiver Only $299.00

SpyTek Authorized Self Contained Stationary Covert Video Systems!

Top Quality Covert Video Camera Systems With Built In Digital
Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!


New! Recluse! VideoTeK Black Box!
So Stealth You Can Not See The Camera An Inch Away! Completely Self Contained With
Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping

Conventional High End Video Monitoring Systems

Four Camera VIdeo Power View Video System
Protect your hard-earned possessions, assets, and family; know who
has been on your property; rid yourself of uneasiness when you travel
on vacation or business. This system is a user friendly, hassle-free
security system that you can setup yourself. The DVR's built-in 500GB hard drive
can record over 2 years of continuous video. Enjoy the convenience of
being able to view your footage online or on a TV. Access your DVR's
live or recorded video on any computer in the world by using the Internet.
Check in on your property easily and never miss a moment. This DVR is
loaded with features that will help keep your property safe and secure. This system is an
effective and simple solution for protecting your property.

Stop In At NAIStv And Watch Caught On Tape From Covert Video Products


New For 2010! IN STOCK NOW!
New Generation Covert Video Xtremelife Rockbox
Lawmate Grade! CovertTek Covert Video Weather-Proof Rock Box

Covert Automatic Stationary Video At It's Best For Outdoors!
Longest-life battery on the market, allowing for up to
ONE YEAR of operation on a single battery charge.
High Resolution, Law Enforcement Grade, Completely Self Contained With Built-In DVR.
Long-Life One Year Battery Pack, Motion Activation And Time/Date Stamping!
80 Hours Of Motion Activated Video On One 32 GB Card.


NEW! Etremelife CoverTeK Electrical Box Cam/DVR
Completely Self Contained System
Great for use on construction sites, entrance ways, parking lots, or anywhere that
power in not readily available. The new Memo-Cam Electrical box offers outstanding
covert outdoor security recording in a completely self contained package.


NEW! Etremelife CoverTeK Teddy Bear Cam/DVR
Completely Self Contained System! Motion Activation, One Year Battery


Covert Video At It's Best! Completely Self Contained!

It looks like a black tissue box but is it? The Tissue Box SleuthGear Recluse is an all-inclusive recording device in a simple tissue box no pinholes or wires to give it away. The enclosed DVR and camera become invisible as the Tissue box blends into the background.

Inside this ordinary looking tissue box is actually a motion activated camera, with a recording D1 HI Resolution 720 X480 system using a SD card for Memory, The Tissue Box SleuthGear Recluse can go anywhere and record everything without attracting any attention. Just Set the Tissue box in your desired location and begin recording. The Tissue Box Style Recluse has a built-in CCD color by day and black and white by night camera that has a low .006 lux rating with a 92 view and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that will power the device for approx 6 hours of continuous recording. With its easy to operate on screen menu allows you to set up instantly your desired setting i.e. time and date stamp, schedule time to record, motion, and high D1 video resolution

8" LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera

MSRP SALE PRICE: $319.99 Your Cost Only $229.95
8" LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera

MSRP SALE PRICE: $419.99 Your Cost Only $298.95
Do-It-Yourself Compact DVR Security System with 4 Hi-Res Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision CCD Surveillance Cameras

MSRP SALE PRICE: $799.99 Your Cost Only $574.99
SENTINEL 1 : Ultra Compact Internet Accessible DVR System with 4 Hi-Res Outdoor CCD Night Vision Color Cameras and 320GB HDD
MSRP Sale Price: $1599.00 Your Cost Only $1034.99
SENTINEL 4 Deluxe Internet Accessible 16CH DVR
with 16 Hi-Res Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Cameras

MSRP SALE PRICE: $2399.99 YOUR COST ONLY: $1954.99
Web Ready 16 Channel DVR Security System with 8 Hi-Res Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Cameras and 8" LCD Monitor

MSRP Sale Price:$1695.99
Your Cost Only $1379.99

New Generation Tiny COVERTTeK Covert Video Stick-It!
Motion Activated Camera/DVR Built Into Tiny Air Freshener

You Can Stick-It Anywhere In 15 Seconds Or Less! Time And Date Stamping, Records To 8 GB
SD Card! The tiny new generation CovertTeK covert video camera with DVR is ingeniously built
into a small air freshener you can stick in any electrical wall outlet. Because it is so easy and
quick to use and set up, we simply call it the Tiny Video Stick-It because you can stick-it anywhere! This new generation covert video system features a low Lux hidden cameras one could not see even if they are less that a foot away, high resolution and and records to a built-in tiny DVR with an SD card that supports up to an 8 GB card! With time and date stamping and motion activation, you can now have a complete covert video recording studio built into a tiny air freshener no one knows about but you! By plugging the unit into any electrical outlet, you have electrical power that powers everything and have no need to worry about batteries or battery drain problems.

The Automatic Motion Activated Covert Stationary Covert Video Camera
With Up To 11 Days Of Video Footage! Barely Even Noticeable And Fully Automatic!

The StealthShot Cam is a complete video recording system that is both compact and discreet. A built-in CMOS camera catches all the action and the video is recorded onto the included SD card. The best part is, this device looks like an ordinary motion sensor, allowing you to monitor any location discreetly. Simply mount it on the wall at your home or business and the StealthShot Cam will capture high quality digital video. When you want to view your footage, just remove the SD card and watch it on your computer.

New! Higher Grade CovertTek Touch Lamp Covert Video Recording System! Motion Activation, Time And Date Stamping, No Visible SD Card Slot or Video Out Jack - Hidden Compartment Requires Magnetic "Key" to Open!
Security recording made easy and economical with the high grade CovertTek Touch Lamp that is compeltely self-contained and totally covert digital video recorder/cameras. Motion activated real time video or high-resolution "still shots" are recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. All recording are time/date stamped for professional security applications. Every system includes (2) 1Gb SD cards.

The Looker EyeWitness Cam
MSRP $320.00 Your Cost Only $249.95

LookerCam- An affordable and easy-to-use digital video recorder with motion detector and color CMOS camera to record real time videos on a removable SD flash memory card for security purpose.
Would like one simple and affordable surveillance product to monitor your place for security purpose? Looker GV6200 is for you. Looker GV6200 is an affordable and easy-to-use digital video recorder with motion detector and color CMOS camera that provides you with the ability to record real time videos on a removable SD flash memory card. No complicated assembly procedures and expensive equipments, just simply place the Looker GV6200 where you wish to capture videos and it will automatically record. You can choose continuing recording or motion-detected recording mode.

NEW! IR Camera with Built-in DVR
Introducing the newest high resolution outdoor/indoor IR security camera with built-in DVR. Fully motion-activated, recordings are stored on removable SD card for playback on your PC. Simple plug & play installation makes security recording easier that ever, even is total darkness. (up to 50 meters) Varifocal lens from 3.5mm to 10mm assure that you record the area you need. Motion Activation is fully programmable so false alarms are virtually eliminated. Full Function RF remote control allows for quick and easy custom programming by simply connecting camera to TV/Monitor.

Micro Eyes Home & Office Security Camera - High Res, Color Low Light, Motion Activated

Micro Eyes DVR BallCam!
Home & Office Security Camera - High Res, Color Low Light, Motion Activated

MicroEyes DVR BallCam is the world’s first DVR in a shape of a ball. It has real time recording speed. Unlike digital cameras or camcorders with limited recording time for the battery and memory, Play-Guard will go for up to 12-2 days and the unit gets activated on motion detection. This supplements demerits of those electronic devices and this Low-Cost DVR has many other useful features for the General Consumers. It can also be used for fun and leisure with various forms of accessories. It also has wireless feature via Bluetooth so that users can send both video and audio files to your laptop and PDA within a 100 meters range and monitor live files and store files for a playback.

New! Recluse! VideoTeK Black Box!
So Stealth You Can Not See The Camera An Inch Away! Completely Self Contained With
Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping


VersaCam/Super IR - 30 "Super sized" high power IR illuminators see clearly in total darkness for up to 150 feet. NOW, look in on you home, second home, lake house or office anytime, anywhere from any internet PC or internet active cell phone, including iphone. Motion activated alerts can even be sent to your email or cell phone. You can quickly view live or past recordings and motion activated "events".

Home/Office VIdeo Guard

Video Capture With Motion Activation
Includes Built-In Camera And Motion Activated Recorder
Complete Video System In A Small Box With Advanced Controls

This battery operated Home Guard Personal Digital Video Capture Camera has 128 MB ram for fast action snapshots or video when motion is detected. Simply place the unit in a desired location and turn it on. It is capable of capturing more than 16000 frames. Simple and discrete to use this new item is perfect for home, office or anywhere you need quick video monitoring protection.

Memo-Cam Electrical Box Covert DVR
Completely Self Contained System

Great for use on construction sites, entrance ways, parking lots, or anywhere that power in not readily available. The new Memo-Cam Electrical box offers outstanding covert outdoor security recording in a completely self contained package.

Outdoor Security Camera With Flood Light
Motion Activated, Time And Date Stamping, Single Shot Or Video

This high grade security camera with built in video/still storage memory is ideal to catch a thief. It uses a 2.0 megapixel color digital camera to capture time and date stamped images when triggered by motion detector. The powerful 500 watt halogen spotlight can be programmed to remain on at all times, or only turn on when motion is detected. Camera can be set to capture three still images per trigger or 10 seconds of video. Light can be set to remain on from one to five minutes per trigger. Camera has a slot for an external SD card up to 2 GB (not included). Lens is IR coated with fixed focus and light settings.

Rugged Outdoor StealthCam
Great for taking wildlife photos when you are not around or attaching to a tree for video security, this motion activated outdoor camera does it al! Check it out.


5.8GHz transmission in an economical wireless color camera now you can get away from 2.4GHz interference. With four channels to choose from the receiver can be set to a different channel. This will allow you to avoid possible interference. With 12 Infrared LEDS this wireless weatherproof camera is ideal for night time surveillance.

Now an All-in-one DVR that anyone can afford comes with 4 cameras you choose which ones you need! 4 cables, power distributor, 160GB HD storage, Motion detection and
Ethernet. Tons of features for a low price

BookIt CamTek!
We call it BookIt because you will book the video you need every time and be in a position to have one covert video system that can be used for both bodywear walk around applications or stationary covert surveillance operations. BookIt CamTek gives you the ability to have a completely self contained covert video camera system you can walk around with in a book. You can just carry the book and shoot covert video or set down and appear to be reading a book and covertly video record everything in front of you! You can use the BookIt CamTek as a stationary covert video recording system by simply setting the book where you want to record video and turn on the motion activation feature. When people come into the room, Bookit CamTek will then automatically start recording. On all covert video applications, you have law enforcement frame watermarks as well as time and date stamping.

Instant Wireless Video Recording And Monitoring Kit
2.4 Mhz Day/Night Wireless Camera • With Color Monitor/Receiver/DVR
DVR-Up To 14 Hours Of Recording Time

The new complete day/night video monitoring wireless video system with it's small receiver/DVR/screen is ideal for instant video setup operations such as baby or instant office monitoring! Nothing like this has every before been offered. The Monitor/DVR takes an SD memory card. With a 2 GB memory card (not included) you can get up to 14 hours of video recording time with this system.The camera will switch from day to night use and you have an instant monitor that records the action when you need it to

2.4 GHz Video Monitoring System With Pan And Tilt Feature
Up to 330 feet Transmission Distance

There are many wireless baby and instant office monitors in the market today. Some have small screens, some are black and white, and most are unstable. None of them have" pan and tilt" rotating capabilities from the base as the others require an extra motor and receiver unit. So let's put this one under the "must have tools" for video monitoring when you need pan and tilt ability at an affordable cost in a small compact system!



You obtain the portable DVR with screen for recording your covert video surveillance
and two full color micro digital video cameras (one wired and one wireless)

QuadTeK Video Camera Kit
4 Cam Color Bullet Cameras With Quad

Quality and economy in a 4-camera weatherproof color CCD bullet package with mini real time, zoom quad and all accessories. Package also includes (4) 65ft. plug and play cables and  AC adaptors to power all cameras and quad. Additional cable length can be added using standard plug and play cables. Color 400 LOR CCD cameras include swivel mount and hardware.


MRSP! $995.00 Your Cost Only $595.00

Quality and economy in a 4-camera weatherproof color Day/Night IR CCD bullet package. Super Night Eye high resolution cameras capture video at over 400 lines of resolution in full sun light or in total darkness at 25 feet! Real time, full function high-resolution (720x480) quad features zoom, time/date stamp, remote control, PIP, freeze frame, motion alarm and multiple dis play modes.

2.5" Wireless Color LCD Hand held Monitor
and 12 IR LED Camera

Featuring the latest wireless camera combination, the GigaXtreme 5200 allows you to see and hear what is happening in another room on the included portable color monitor - wirelessly! The high quality yet inexpensive 2.4 GHz system consists of a high resolution color camera with a built-in microphone, and a hand held 2.5" color TFT LCD monitor which also acts as a receiver. $279.00

900 Mhz Or 2.4 Ghz Wireless Indoor B/W
Camera & 5" Monitor with Audio Video TV Output

Ideal for either home surveillance or the baby nursery, the video monitor will insure parents that the baby is okay. In total darkness this camera still works and any activity can be seen or recorded by turning on the INFRA RED feature of this camera . . . just like night vision.

Digital Night Vision Viewer/Camera

The Digital Night Vision Viewer/Camera is a state-of-the-art digital night vision viewing system. Advanced solid state circuitry provides 24 hour operation in any lighting condition. Using its "fast" f1.2 lens and the latest in high resolution image processing, NiteMax™ produces a bright and clear picture in the darkest environment and displays it on its built-in 2.5? LCD screen. The RCA video output jack allows easy connection to a VCR or Camcorder for image recording.

With Remote Control!

Very nice high end pan and tilt dome camera with remote control you can use any time. No you can have a high quality pan/tilt weather proof and vandal proof video camera that will scan by panning and tilting with a remote control at a great price!

High Quality Wireless Color TFT/Camera Set

This wireless color observation system utilizes the latest technology and features a 5" TFT LCD color display with built in 2.4 GHz receiver. The wireless color camera is easy to set up and plugs into any standard AC outlet. Up to 4 cameras can be added to this system.

Weatherproof-2.4 Ghz Wireless Outdoor B/W Camera & 5.5" Monitor with Audio Video TV Output

The GigaXtreme 4010 comes with a B/W wireless outdoor camera and a 5.5” monitor, it can help you to build-up a portable, easy-to-install, cost-efficient personal security system. Using the latest wireless technology, signals from the camera travel through walls and floors to the monitor wirelessly. The monitor can be battery operable for portability giving you the flexibility to change location from room to room.

5.5" B/W Monitor with Audio Video TV Output, CMOS Camera & 60 foot cable

5.5" B/W Monitor with Audio Video TV Output, CMOS Camera & 60 foot cable. The ClearVu 600 is one of the smallest and most efficient security systems out there. The system includes a 5.5" B/W monitor, a camera equipped with night vision capabilities which can be mounted virtually anywhere (monitor supports up to 2 cameras), 60 feet of wire which sends video, audio and power between the camera and monitor, as well as all the necessary mounting hardware and power adapters.

12" Two Camera CCTV System
12" B/W Monitor with Audio Video TV Output, 2 CCD Cameras with 60 feet cables.The Clearvu1202 is a step above your ordinary monitor and camera system. It is great for small businesses and residences that require more high tech monitoring solutions. Your system comes with a 12" monitor, two high resolution cameras as well as two 60 feet cables, and even a remote control that will let you control your system at a distance.

14" Four Camera CCTV System
14" B/W Quad Monitor with Audio Video TV Output, 4 CCD
Cameras with 60 feet cables. The
ClearVuQ1404 system come with a 14" B/W high resolution Quad monitor and 4 B/W steel cameras each equipped with a 60 foot wiring cable. The monitor screen is split into 4 viewing windows (QUAD feature) which allow you to view all cameras simultaneously, with its included remote control or using the keys found on the monitor you can zoom in, zoom out, view desired camera full screen and have them automatically switch between cameras while in FULL Screen mode.

DVR QUAD Color Surveillance System
Clearvu Quad systems are our professional surveillance systems. The CV Q1304DVR is a 13” color quad station with a DVR Ethernet connection and all the necessary wiring.

The DVR Quad system allows users to record and view 4 cameras at the same time whether they are in front of their monitor or viewing over the internet. You’ll be able to see what is happening everywhere all of the time.

Digital Video Recorder PC Board With Software
Now you can install a digital video card with RCA jacks into almost any PC. With the included software installed, you can turn any PC into a digital video recorder. Simple 1-2-3 install with instructions. Gives you one to four channel camera input and will support motion detector and alarm start-up.

Digital Surveillance Camera That Senses An Intruder And Automatically Takes Pictures! The Cyber Eye-Cam is ready to instantly and silently record up to 680 images in it's own built-in memory. Each image is time, date, and sequence number stamped. Adjustable sensitivity motion activation

New Generation Cyber-Eye

CyberEye ECO Motion Activated Auto Dialer
The CyberEye ECO is a motion activated auto-dialer that will notify you via telephone and allow you to listen in and even talk back to intruders. Easy to program, dials up to 5 phone/cell numbers and 1 pager number. Ideal for use in lake houses or vacation homes.


What's New In Covert Video

Micro Video And Pinhole Video Cameras

Covert Video Cameras Built Into All
Kinds Of Stuff
Bodywear Covert Video Cameras-
Cameras You Wear Or Covertly Carry
Tiny Bullet And Weatherproof Cameras New! PI Portable Kits Of All Kinds!
Portable Mini Digital Video Recorders Access Video Off The Net From Anywhere
NEW! - Portable Video Digital Storage Complete Video Monitoring Systems
Camcorders & Still Digital Cameras NEW! - CyberEye Digital Cameras
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