Handsome Waterproof Watch Camera /DVR
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Handsome Waterproof Watch Camera /DVR

For When Your Covert Video Mission Seems Impossible!
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This rugged and stylish high end waterproof watch design suits either casual or professional attire, making it just the thing for operations that have to keep one eye on the budget (and isn't that just about all of us, these days?) The stylish black face of the unit conceals a recorder capable of gathering both covert video and still photo surveillance evidence as well as a more ordinary mechanism that keeps track of the time. Yes! This rugged watch doubles as both a high end video recorder and a still shoot photo surveillance snap shoot digital camera!

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Your need watch delivers 1280 x 960 video at up to 30 fps. Images and sounds are stored safely within the 4 GB internal memory, so there's no need to fumble with SD cards. When the surveillance is complete, files transfer quickly and easily to a computer via the included USB cable, so the next person who needs to use the unit can take it away. Best of all the whole unit is water resistant to up to 30M.

• New Stylish design allows the watch to be worn in any situation
• Pinhole camera helps to ensure your footage remains covert
• Time and Date Stamp
• AVI Format video

Technical Specs
• Resolution: 1280 x 960 @ up to 30fps
• Still Images: 3264 x 2448
• Power Supply: Internal Li-Ion Battery
• Memory: 4GB Internal Memory

• USB Cable
• AC Adapter
• Software Disc
• Instruction Booklet


A. Parts Description:
Indicator: Status Indicator (7): blue light is the photo taking mode; red light for
the video recording mode.
Button(4): Touch the button for the start.
Socket(1): The 2.5 – 4 pin USB socket is used to connect with computer or charger.
It is the interface for data transfer and charging.
Microphone and camera: Microphone (2) is used to get the sound signal;
(3) is used to get the image signal.
Time setting: It is to set the time of this watch.

B. ON/OFF: Press button (4) for 2 seconds to start the device. It gets into
the photo recording mode. Meanwhile the blue light indicator is on.

C. Take photo: In the photo-taking mode, the device enters into the standby status
for photo-taking. Now the blue light is on. Press the button (6) for 1 second. One
flashing blue light indicates that the device completes the photo taking and file
saving job. Then it returns to the standby mode.
Note: Make sure there is adequate light in the surrounding and the camera is not
blocked by other items. Keep the camera upright and stable. And the object should
be more than 50cm from the camera.

D. Record video: In the photo mode , long press operation button 2 seconds, the cam
into the video mode , this time the red light flashes, in order to save system power
and began recording in about 3S bell, the status indicator light will automatically
switch off, this time the video is still at the video mode , and if the state recognized
the camera, or a new operation, briefly press the operation button once to stop recording,
save the file, this time to resume a long bright blue light.

E. Record sound: sart state, a long bright blue light, short the switch machine key (Figure
4), blue light began to blink, in order to save system power and began recording in about
3S bell, the status indicator light will automatically switch off, short the switch
machine to save the and enter the camera recording standby mode, this time a long bright
blue light.

F. PC camera: Hold down the Operation button (Figure 6), you can connect the device with
computer USB interface, you can enter the PC Camera (webcam) mode. In this mode, your
camera can be used as a PC camera, with your friends online video chat, take photos, and
so on.
Note: According to the computer system configuration or difference, the computer may not
detect a camera function by once, if the computer can not enter the camera function, but
into a Udisk. Please remove the camera and connect the camera to the computer again; If
you are the first time to use the PC camera function on your computer, please install the
drivers on the CD or dealers provided. Please connect the data cable to the device at
first, then connect the other side to the Computer.

G. Connect the computer: In standby or OFF mode, you can connect the device with the
computer. The computer will pop up a removable disk logo. There is an image file directory
for: * Disk \ _REC \ 100MEDIA. During video recorder and computer transfer data, the blue
light flashes rapidly. For the disconnection, please click ‘SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE on
the right bottom corner of the task bar. Then click to stop the ‘USB mass storage device
.Unplug the USB. The disconnection completes.

H. Charge: Connect to computer USB interface or charger. During the charging, the red light
flashes slowly. When the battery is fully recharged, the red light stops flashing.
Note: The recorder is with built-in high-capacity lithium polymer battery. The battery is
with no memory effect. It can be used and charged at anytime. But for the initial five
times of charging, please charge battery to saturation after the battery runs out. It is to
activate the battery maximum capacity and maintain the standard working time.

I. Set Time: The video recorder provides the function to display the video recording time
in video file. The format is as following: Year – month - Day: minutes: seconds. Time
setting process is as following:
Create a new file in ".TXT" format. Input the time in accordance with the following
format 2008.07.15 16.10.28. The time is the current time at your location. Please double-
check the text format in order to ensure the correct format..
Rename the new text file as "time.txt".
Connect the video recorder to the computer; wait until the computer appears a ‘
REMOVABLE DISK’. Copy the “time.txt" file to this storage device root directory.
Disconnect this storage device. Restart the video recorder to complete the time
setting. The set time will be saved to the video recorder.

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