Want to get your hot linked banner on thousands of other web sites? It's easy. Banner Exchanges are much like barter. You submit your banner to their exchange group after you sign up with their free service. Once signed up, you are provider HTML code to insert into your web site. Your page will load random banners from the code the service provides you. In exchange, your hot linked banner will be displayed on thousands of other pages. What the banner exchange does it reserve a certain amount of banner ads themselves for everyone that's sold. With their percentage spread, they sell this as advertising. It's easy to do and a good traffic builder since it's free. There are hundreds of banner exchange programs you can get involved in. Some of them are general which usually produce a huge number amount of exposure for your site. Narrow Cast banner exchangers are specializes banner exchanges in which you exchange your banner for pages within a specific subject.

Recently, there have been a number of banner exchange services (and all kinds of other sites) that are using what is termed pop-up methods of display. What this does is pops up a separate smaller window from your web browser when you load a certain page. It's a simple javascript that makes the pop-up work. The extra pop-up window then displays information such as the banner exchange. These little pop-up windows are highly irritating for viewers and have a tendency to make web browsers and computers crash. I'd stay away from them in all forms. Some sites have even gone as far as to insert programs in the pop-up windows that load another pop-up when you attempt to close the extra window. It seems that the only way you can get read of them is to completely close the web browser software and then relaunch the program. Although the people who use this sort of thing think they are being rather cute, it's my opinion that they are simply inflaming users who come to their site. These pop-up window displays are starting to be used in mainstream places. Even one of the major search engine sites is now using one but it's my opinion that it will hurt your site and traffic to it more than anything else.

The amount of exposure you get to your site is directly related to the number of sites who are using the exchange. The biggest banner exchange programs are likely Link Exchange And Banner Exchange (the first two listed below) Here are some services that act as banner exchanges and web sites that link lists that give you access to hundreds of different types of banner exchange services.

Banner Exchange
The Banner exchange is likely the largest and biggest banner exchange service. Make sure you sign up and use this one first.

The Banner Exchange Mega List
This is a searchable director of banner exchange services you will find quite useful.

Click-It Exchange
Another widely used banner exchange program to get involved in.

World Village Banner Exchange
Family- friendly sites only

Anohter easy to use banner exchange service.

MS Links Exchange
This place offers a targeted banner exchange program in which you sign up for banner exchanges within certiain categories.

Banner Barter
Another well used banner exchange program.

Cyberlink Banner Exchange
Another exchange program you should subscribe with.

E-Z- Banner Exchange
This place lets you pick specific pages to exchange banner ads with. Quite interesting.

Banner Co-Op
This place says it's the only true banner co-op.

Specialized Banner exchange Programs
This page links you to over 200 general and specialized banner exchange programs.

Banner Exchange Hit List
A huge collection of links to various types of banner exchange programs.


Online Aids

The Banner Generator

Online Banner Creator

Media Builder

Animated Communications

Creative Connectivity


Fee Based Banner Resources


Ad Resource
This place is all about banner advertising, both paid and barter. It's will worth a look as it
has basic rates of the top banner traffic sites and a huge resource of additional information.

Website Promoter's Resource
A huge resource that keeps you on the cutting edge of banners and marketing through the web.

Effective Banners
This place is a good study on all things that have to do with advertising banners.