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Muti-Search Engine Submit Sites
There are a number of multi-search engine submit sites you can use. I have found that the full blown ones charge way too much money. However, almost all of them offer limited free muti-submits and some of these sites you can use are totally free. You can try them as they are listed below.

As as free do-it now multi-submit but the main purpose of this site is to get you to use their fee based submit service.

W 3 Search Engines
A ton of free submits.

Submit Express
Offers submission to 40 places for free and another 800 for only $17.48.

Post Master
has some free services but mainly a fee based service.

Internet Promotion's Mega List
Totally free with tons of sumit aids and promotion tools.

Super Link Adder
A real good fineE Totally free submits to dozens of places.

David-T's Submit Place
Totally free access with links to the submit pages of major search engines.

Top 100
Totally free top 100 submit places.

Traffic Unlimited

Some free services.

Self Promote Add URL
Ine of the top search engine submits all at one place with easy to use forms.

Big T's Free Submission Site
Gives you 50 free submits.

Postion Agent
Checks your postion on different search engines.

Cash Fever

Self Promote
A huge collection of free web page promotion aids and tips.

Easy Submit
Submit your site to over 100 places for free.

World Submit
There aren't any free submit services at this site but they submit for site to 1550 places for only $89.00. That's not a bad price. They also offer free chat help services for submits at their site.


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