9 Element Yagi Antenna

The Model# XL 4500, Series III, 9 Element Yagi Antenna is a custom manufactured handheld unit incorporating a detachable handle and 9 element array for maximum signal reception and better directivity. Unlike general purpose antennas which simply receive signals, this unit is specifically designed to provide the sensitivity and directivity needed to locate low power difficult to find transmitters. The antenna is specifically designed to work with most receivers, analyzers, scanners and detectors.

The XL 4500 Series III is ideal for electronic countermeasures, TSCM, EMC pre-compliance testing, EMI, medical, scientific, industrial and narrow beam transmission or reception applications.

Every XL 4500 Series III antenna is custom hand manufactured and individually tested to insure maximum performance.

Features Include:

• Designed to work with most receivers, analyzers, scanners and detectors
• Highly directional
• 9 element high gain design
• 100% genuine copper elements
• 20 dBd gain over conventional antenna designs
• Lightweight, less than 16 oz.
• Isolated driven element
• 7 driver elements
• 10” reflector element for excellent spurious signal rejection
• Heavy duty PVC/ABS construction
• Frequency spectrum 5 MHz to 6.1 GHz
• Detachable heavy textured rubber handle
• 17.5” x 10.25” w/7” handle
• Includes 3’ BNC extension cable
• Standard BNC connector
• Professional matte black acrylic finish
• Complete with comprehensive operations manual

Model# XL 4500, Series III, 9 Element Yagi Antenna $195.00




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