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      HAD-FAM Investigations
      Contact: Scott Hadley
      (205) 476-8136
      (205) 665-3019 FAX
      Email: scott35115@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: General Private Investigations, DMV Reports, Court Filings, Small Claims Court Processing and Execution, Mobile Notary Public, Document Delivery with Return Delivery Available and Property Investigation .

      Web site: www.had-fam-pi.com

      The Herrin Group LLC
      8047 Rock Hampton Circle
      Helena, AL 35080
      Contact: Dan Herrin

      Investigative Services: On site Surveillance, Background Checks, Financial and Criminal Histories, Workers' Compensation Fraud, Uncomfortable Domestic Situations, Corporate Espionage, Small Business Fraud, Missing Persons, Witness Interviews and Process Service.

      T. L. Wlson Investigations
      P.O. Box 1135
      Midland City, AL 36350
      Contact: Tara Wilson
      (334) 983-9344
      (334) 983-9344 FAX
      Email: twilsonpi@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: Background Checks, Civil & Criminal Records, Internal Theft, Surveillance, Domestics, Child Custody, Missing Persons, Worker's Comp, Malpractice, Proof of Insurance, Other Insurance Investigations, Accidents-Auto, Boat, Aircraft & Industrial and Nursing Home Abuse.

      George Owens, 1255 Oak Lane Drive, Mobile, Al. Phone: 251-343-9669. EMAIL: gmoassoc@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: Countermeasures, forensic audio and video, computer aided evidence reconstructions,. NAIS expert certified in countermeasures. NAIS expert certified in audio and video forensics.

      C&C INVESTIGATIONS: Chris Cantrell, Phone 205-305-6555, E-mail picantrell@gmail.com

      Investigative Services: Expert in Accident Investigations and Repossessions, Civil, Criminal, Surveillance, Protection and Search & Rescue including K-9

      A & A INVESTIGATIONS: Robert A. Droze: 116 Dorothy St, Albertville, AL 35950 Phone 256-744-2780 License 21181 Email: aa.investigations@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: Process service & surveillance.

      CENTRAL INVESTIGATIONS, INC.: Kenneth Baskerville: 1401 Doug Baker Blvd, Ste 107, Birmingham, AL 35242 Phone 205-986-7007 License AL-10020183 Email: central.kbask@gmail.com Fax 205-986-7026 Cell 205-382-2566

      Investigative Services: Process service, skip tracing, undercover investigations.

      CASTEEL AGENCY: James R. Casteel: 1678 Montgomery Hwy. Suite D-120 Bermingham AL 35216 Phone 205-824-4492 Email casteelagency@gmail.com Web site https://www.casteelagency.com

      Investigative Services: Divorce,Child Custody,Personal Injury Fraud,Internal Theft and Process Service.

      MILLENNIUM RISK MANAGERS: Thomas Ross Roper: Birmingham, AL 35244 Phone 888-736-0210 Mobile 205-529-2666 Fax 205-822-1301 Email: trope@mrm-llc.com Web site: https://www.mrm-llc.com License ASB3050e66t

      Investigative Services: Cstm & retail.

      H & H ASSOCIATES,LLC: Michael Hudson 103 Jean Circle Daphne,AL 36526 Phone: 800-591-5020 Email: spclagny@msn.com Website: https://www.handhinvestigationllc.com

      Investigative Services: All general investigative services, Legal Process Service, Municipalities and Individuals with quick turn around times, Servinf all of Baldwin County.

      FYI INVESTIGATIONS: William Mooney: 3148 Modaus Rd, Decatur, AL 35603 Phone 256-303-5845 License AL-107106 Email: bmooney1964@yahoo.com Web site: https://www.4yourinfoagency.com

      Investigative Services: Domestic relations, process service, child custody, skip trace.

      SPANIEL INVESTIGATIONS INC.: R.W. Blaylock Jr P.O Box 434 Decatur, AL 35601: Phone: 256-616-6427 Email: spanielpi@gmail.com Website: https://www.spanielpi.com

      Investigative Services: Civil Process Service, Skiptracing, Missing Person, Fugitive Recovery, Investigations.

      BLUE MOON INVESTIGATIONS: Brian Mooney 3148 Modaus Rd. Decatur,AL 35603 Phone 256-341-7101 Email: bmooney64@ymail.com

      Investigative Services: Domestic Services, Process Services, Computer Forensics, Skip Trace.

      THOMAS JONSON P.I.: 8591 Bay Harbor Rd, Elberta, AL 36530 Phone 251-583-8888 Email: y2k70@hotmail.com License 928

      Investigative Services: General

      INTEGRA INFORMATION SERVICES: Gary K. Jones 150 E. Laurel Ave 1255 Foley, AL 36536 Phone: 251-494-8268 Email: integra.pi7@gmail.com License: 9046

      Investigative Services: General

      CASTEEL AGENCY: James R. Casteel 500 Southland Dr. Suite 200 Hoover,AL 35216 Phone: 205-824-4492 Email: casteelagency@gmail.com Website: https://www.casteelagency.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, Divorce, Child Custody, Injury Fraud.

      BRODIO INVESTIGATIONS: Joe G. Brodioi: 115 LaRue St, Huntsville, AL 35811 Phone 256-679-1904 License TN 000071031 Email: private-eye@live.com Web site: https://www.northalabamaprivateinvestigator.com

      Investigative Services: Missing persons, infidelity, insurance fraud, criminal defense, full service agency licensed in TN & AL.

      THE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: D. Brian Morris: 228 Holmes Ave., NE, Suite 209, Huntsville, AL 35801 Phone 256-656-9942 Email: help@theprivateinvestigator.net Web site: https://www.theprivateinvestigator.net

      Investigative Services: Stalking, infidelity, missing persons, criminal investigations, civil litigation.

      ALABAMA INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES: William A. Honea: 3021 Barcody Rd, Huntsville, AL 35802 Phone 256-244-0590 License 1372472010 Email: ais@scottsboro.org Web site: https://www.1bailalabama.com

      Investigative Services: Civil, criminal, missing persons, child custody, skip tracing, collections, process server, expert profiler.

      CHEIF DETECTIVE: Erne4776 Wakulla Dr, Mobile, AL 36619 License 2011-010462 Phone 724-331-4230 Email: ernestee77@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Cheif detective a-z travel anywhere, have been in over 25 over-seas cities. Many specailties.

      GEORGE OWENS AND ASSOCIATES: George Owens, 1255 Oak Lane Drive, Mobile, Al. Phone: 251-343-9669. EMAIL: gmoassoc@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: Countermeasures, forensic audio and video, computer aided evidence reconstructions,. NAIS expert certified in countermeasures. NAIS expert certified in audio and video forensics.

      HAD-FAM INVESTIGATIONS & LEGAL SERVICES: Scott G. Hadly: 105 county Rd 100, Montevallo, AL 35115 Phone 205-476-8136 Email: scott35115@yahoo.com Web site: https://www.had-fam-pi.com

      Investigative Services; Process serving, accident investigation, insurance investigation, criminal, surveillance, personal injury.

      AMG JUDGMENT RECOVERY: Donald T Wright 9331 Hwy 69 N. Northport AL 35473 Phone 205-242-2568 Email: AMGRecovery@att.net

      Investigative Services: Locating individuals who have Outstanding Judgments and their Assets for Hospitals Real estate Rentals and other Businesses.

      APPRISE INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Aaron Irons: 608 Jones Rd, Rainsville, AL 35986 Phone 888-770-7316 License 1642 Email: apprise@appriseinvestigationsllc.com Web site: https://www.appriseinvestigationsllc.com

      Investigative Services: Domestic, surveillance, infidelity, general.

      MAXWELL SERVICES: Richard H. Maxwell: P.O. Box 204m, Toney, AL 35773 Email: richard@maxsvcs.com Web site: https://www.maxsvcx.com Phone 256-714-8930 License 13340

      Investigative Services: Asset search, background investigation, bodyguard/ executive protection, child custody, domestic, genealogy, general investigation.

      T.P.I: Robert E. Lee: 7816 Merganser Pl, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 Phone 205-292-9187 Email: robert@tuscaloosaprivateinvestigators.com

      Investigative Services: Process server, surveillance.

      ALABAMA INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES: David E. Hill: 1511 Mallard Circle, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405. Phone:(205)391-0711. Pager:(205)550-4528. Fax:(205)391-2054. E-Mail: DandKhill@aol.com Web site: https://www.alabamainvestigators.com/

      Investigative Services: General Investigations, surveillance, domestic, worker's compensation, insurance fraud, background checks, service of process. NALI member.


    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559