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      Rounsavall Investigations
      #151 17200 Chenal Parkway, Suite 300
      Little Rock, AR 72223
      Contact: Keith Rounsavall
      (501) 219-0200
      (501) 219-0200 FAX
      Email: mailto:privatesnoop101@aol.com

      Services: Criminal and Defense Investigations, Questionable Death and Nursing Home Investigations, Insurance Fraud and Workers Compensation Investigations, Domestic Investigations, Surveillance and Undercover Investigations, Covert Video, Missing Persons and Witness Location, Witness Interviews, Electronic Countermeasures, GPS Tracking of Vehicles and Other assets, Child Custody Investigations and Identity Theft.
      We also provide Informational Services such as: Criminal Background Checks, Civil Records Checks and Asset Searches.


      Toro Private Investigations, Inc.
      P.O. Box 1082
      Harrison, AR 72601
      Contact: Rod Combs
      (870) 391-9288
      Email: toropi2003@yahoo.com

      Services: We provide a full range of Professional Investigative Services.


      Douglas Investigations
      P.O. Box 6274
      Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902
      Contact: Larry Douglas
      (501) 623-6656
      (501) 321-4901 FAX

      Services: General Investigations, Child Custody, Domestic, Surveillance, Legal Video and Photo.  


      Professional Investigative Services, Inc.
      P.O. Box 157
      Hope, AR 71802-0157
      Contact: David Peters
      (501) 777-5811
      (501) 777-6408 FAX
      Email: 104673.2362@compuserve.com

      Services: Civil & criminal investigations, surveillance investigations, insurance investigations, missing persons investigations and fire & arson investigations.


      A to Z Investigations
      PO Box 6042
      Sherwood, AR 72124-6042
      Contact: John C. Zorn
      (501) 834-1801
      (501) 834-1801 FAX
      Email: zornpi@worldnet.att.net

      Services: General Investigations, Civil, Criminal and Domestic.


      Phillips Investigative Services
      P.O. Box 456
      Russellville, AR 72811
      Contact: Jeff Phillips
      (479) 747-0137
      (866) 596-4582 FAX
      Email: pimk@suddenlink.net


      RIVER INVESTIGATIONS & PROCESS SERVING: Keith B Cockrell: P.O. Box 2191, Bentonville, AR 72712 Phone 479-715-2035 License D10-009 Emial: riverinvestigations@gmail.com Website: https://www.riverinvestigations.com

      Specialization: Fraud, criminal defense file review/work, infidelity, child protection, background checks, polygraph, criminal investigations, death investigations, surveillance


      AGI GROUP: Tony Bentonville AR. Phone: 888-524-8480 Email: info@agigrp.com Website: https://www.agigrp.com Licence: AR A96-052 OK 11PI149137

      Specializations: Child Custody, Marital Infidelity, Workman's Comp., Background Searches, GPS Tracking.


      THE ROBINSON GROUP, LLC: Tommy F. Robinson, 114 S. Main St., Brinkley, AR 72021. Phone: 870-734-9994. Email: robinsongroup@att.net Website: https://www.robinsongroup.us License Number: AR#AO7-053

      Specializations: all types.


      HALL & SLIGH INVESTIGATIONS: Glenn C. Sligh P.O. Box 145 Camden,AR 71701 Phone: 501-420-3454 Email: glenn@hallslighinv.com Website: https://www.hallslighinv.com License: D 12-014

      Specializations: Investigations, Missing Person, Skip Trace, Witness Location, Interview, Insurance.

      HIGHSTAKES INVESTIGATIONS: Michael Fowler: 3900 Dave Ward Dr, Ste 1900 PMB#290, Conway, AR 72034 Phone 501-803-4100 License D20090046 Email: highstakespi@yahoo.com Web site: https://www.highstakespi.com

      Specialization: Surveillance, criminal & civil investigations, process services, private & commercial investigations, GPS tracking.


      ARKANSAS INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES: Bryan Shaw, P.O. Box 2316, Conway, AR 72033. Phone: (Conway) 501-730-0444 (Little Rock) 501-227-4800 Email: arkspy@aol.com License Number: A-96-22

      Specializations: Workers comp, divorce, child custody, surveillance, background and records research.


      HOLLOWAY INVESTIGATIONS: Marie Holloway: P.O. Box 413, Desarc, AR 72040 Phone 501-239-0592 License D11-054 Email: holloway.investigations@yahoo.com


      C. SMITH INVESTIGATIONS: Clarence U. Smith: P.O. Box 180215, Fort Smith, AR 72918 Phone 479-632-7000 License A-96 081 Email: tiptoppsy@hotmail.com

      Specialization: Child custody, civil & criminal, insurance fraud, infidility, missing persons & surveillance operations.


      MISSION POSSIBLE INVESTIGATIONS: Jamie Richardson, P.O. Box 11623, Ft. Smith, AR 72917 Phone: 501-349-0042 Fax 509-753-1219 Email: arkansas@mpinvestigations.net Website: https://www.mpinvestigations.com License Number ny 11000134300 AR 10/088

      Specialization: Attorney services, civil & criminal, surveillance, locates, matrimonial, child custody, missing persons, elder abuse, witness statements, insurance fraud.


      PROFESSIONAL SECURITY, INC.: Thomas D. Honeycutt: 3610 Towson, Ste 3, Fort Smith, AR 72901 Phone 479-785-9333 License c-1007 Also, office in Northwest Arkansas. Email: tomhoneycutt@prosecurityark.com. https://www.ProsecurityArk.com.

      Specialization: Civil & criminal product liability, wrongful death, surveillance, divorce, custody, child support, skip tracing, process service, civil & criminal background checks, insurance defense. (


      H. ALLEN SMITH INVESTIGATIONS: Harold A. Smith: 11 Blossom Ln, Greenbrier, AR 72058 Phone 501-679-7751 Email: sentinelpi@yahoo.com License D20090024 Web site: https://www.hasmithinvestigations.com

      Specialization: Full service private investigation company.


      Robert Lightfoot & Associates: P.O. Box 134, Harrisburg, Arkansas 72432, PHONE: 870-588-4792 (Office) CELL: 870-208-6705 EMAIL: lightfootrobert@yahoo.com "YOUR ARKANSAS CONNECTION" "We Track'em Anywhere!" https://searchinvestigators.com https://spytekofarkansas.com


      TORO PROTECTION & INVESTIGATION, LLC: Rod L. Combs: 507 Oxford, Harrison, AR 72601 Phone 870-391-9288 Email: toropi2003@yahoo.com License C03-043

      Specializaion: All investigations, surveillance, counter surveillance, security, close protection.


      BLACK DRAGON INVESTIGATIONS: William E. Kirk: 744 Madison 7215, Hindsville, AR 72738 Phone 749-445-9058 Email: blackdragon_pi@yahoo.com

      David W. Peters: 797 Hwy. 355 E Hope, AR 71801 Phone: 870-703-7104 Email: swcs@sbcglobal.net License: D 2012 0003

      Specializations: Civil, Criminal, Insurance Investigations.

      EXPRESS INVESTIGATIONS: Heather D. Smith: P.O Box 3884 , Hot Springs, AR 71914 Phone 501-276-3393 License IDNBR # D11-077 Email: expinsvsvcs@yahoo.com

      Specializtion: Job& tenant screening, people searches.

      DORRELL INVESTIGATIONS: Jackie Dorrell: 102 Jordan St, Hot Springs, AR 71913 Phone 501-767-5091 License D11-0022 Email: dorrellinvestigate@att.net

      Specialization: Background checks, locate missing persons, criminal & civil investigations, infidelity, child custody, record searches

      MULLENIX INVESTIGATIONS: Don R. Mullenix 623 Melody Ln. Jonesboro,AR 72401 Phone: 870-932-2896 Email: mullenix45@sbcglobal.net License: A98-0300

      Specializations: Drug Related, Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Reconstruct Murder Scenes, Missing Persons,Divorce Matters.

      ACTION PROCESS SERVICE & PRIVATE INVESTIGATONS: Loretta Foster: 12110 Arch St, Little Rock, AR 72206 Phone 501-888-5706 License A11-045 Email: services@arkansasinvestigaitons.biz Web site: https://www.arkansasinvestigations.biz

      Specialization: Investigations, process services.


      FOSTER PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS: Billy C. Foster: 3007 Laredo Dr, Little Rock, AR 72206 PHone 501-888-6342 License D11-048 Email: services@fosterprivateinvestigations.com Web site: https://www.fosterprivateinvestigations.com

      Specialization: One stop provier.


      ARKANSAS INVESTIGATIONS: Michael J. West, 400 West Capitol Ave, #1700, Little Rock, AR 72201. Phone: 501-605-0360 Email: arkinv@centurytel.net Website: https://www.arkansas-investigations.com License Number: A-20040061

      Specializations: Fraud, surveillance, defense (criminal/ civil) workers comp, personal injury, locating people.


      PRIVATE SNOOP INVESTIGATIONS: Keith L. Rounsavall, #151 17200 Chenal Parkway Ste 300, Little Rock, AR 72211. Phone: 501-219-0200 Email: privatesnoop101@aol.com Website: https://www.privatesnoop.com License Number: A-96023

      Specialization: Cellular forensics, criminal investigations, investigations for insurance companies, criminal defense, fraud investigations, nursing home abuse, video and electronic surveillance, domestic issues, civil litigation, process service, records checks, background checks, criminal history checks, missing person locates, computerized polygraph testing, GPS real time tracking capability, VIP protective services, electronic countermeasures search (bug detection)


      IBM INVESTIGATIONS: Ivan M. Billingsley: P.O. Box 71, 755 Blue Bayou Rd, Nashville, AR 71852 Phone 870-845-9100 License A 20090051 Email: ivanmb54@gmail.com Web site: https://www.ibminvestigations.com

      Specialization: Assets, abuse, audio/video surveillance, background checks, business loss management, domestic, civil, criminal, insurance fraud, missing persons, timber/forestry loss management, & home/office audio/video surveillance detection.


      ODOM INVESTIGATIONS: Jess Odom, 407 Honey Hill Road, Searcy, Ar. 72143. Phone: 501-279-1234, Fax: 501-268-9568 E-mail odominvestigations@yahoo.com Website: https://www.odominvestigations.com.. Licenses and Insured, full service investigation company. Former law enforcement with over 31 years experience.


      AGI GROUP: Tony Molina: P.O. Box 1094, Siloam Prings, AR 72761 Phone 479-251-8996, 479-636-3237, 888-524-8480 Mobile 479-524-8480 Email: info@agigrp.com Web site: https://www.agigrp.com License: Arkansas A96-052 OK 05PIA3166

      Specialization: Marital infidelity, child custody, workers comp, polygraph examinations, GPS vehicle tracking.


      HARRIS CONSULTING & INVESTIGATIONS: M. Randell Harris: 122 E. Broad St. Suite 104 Texarkana, AR 71854 Phone: 870-774-0163 Email: texarkanapi@aol.com Web Site: https://www.harrisfirms.com License: 2

      Specializations: Financial Fraud, Litigation Support, Civil Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations.

    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559